Have A Look At Persona 4: The Golden

The PS Vita is getting a version of PlayStation 2 role-playing game Persona 4 called Persona 4: The Golden. The game has new content for the Vita as well as polished OLED look.

Check out the game in the link below.

新発表「PS Vita×橋野桂」 [YouTube]


    If they do this for Persona 3 or Disgaea as well, I'll buy a vita. Until then, I'm satisfied with my home consoles.

      Disgaea 3 is coming to the vita right? 1 and 2 are for the psp, are are on the market to buy and play on your vita, was playing 2 last night.
      same with the first 3 personas.

    probably as a response to the awesome anime series of persona 4

      does the anime wreck the game if you haven't played it or is a separate story?

        Same story with a few minor changes here and there. The plot is unaffected so far, but whether they do something different with the ending or not remains to be seen - P4 originally had 3 different ways the game could end with only one being the true, happy ending.

        My advice: Play the game before you watch the anime.

          Thanks for the heads up! About to polish off Persona 3 so will probably be tempted to get into 4 straight away now.

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