Heavy Rain Maker's Next PS3 Project Is A Little Something Called Kara

Developer Quantic Dream has just unveiled a demo of their new motion capture tech at this year's Game Developer conference, called "Kara."

"Kara" is not a new game, but is more akin to The Casting video that Quantic Dream released several years ago, prior to Heavy Rain. The demo features a scanned version of actress Valorie Curry, and will be available for free to all PlayStation 3 users.

We have video from this event and will update soon to include footage.


    Argh! I thought it was a new game announcement.

      Likewise :(. Hopefully this means they are working on a new game though and we get some news on it this year.

    I've been waiting for news of the next Quantic Dream project since the credits rolled on Heavy Rain.
    It was QD that bitched most loudly about LA Noire's jarring face vs body motion capture last year so they'd better bring the goods in whatever they're working on!



      Omikron: The Nomad Soul is quite possibly one of the most atmospheric, expansive, ingenious games I've played.....god i miss it.

    Hopefully we'll hear something at E3 this year... been a couple of years since Heavy Rain, so they should have something to announce at the very least, if not show.

    I immediately thought of the Bjork video All is Full of Love. Anyone else? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EjAoBKagWQA

    Misleading article title is misleading.

      i don't think its misleading at all they said next project not a game

      It says project not game.

    Great tech, cringeworthy dialogue. Expected a bit more from QD!

    i think it said on the PS blog, this was actually done last year, so if this was done last year, i can't imagine what else they could have done. It looks incredible

    Wow, talk about sexist undertones. Look after the kids, sexual partner, not supposed to talk...or think.

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