Hello Kitty Says 'Hello' To Lingerie

Sanrio, maker of all things Kitty, is joining forces with underwear maker Hanky Panky for a line of Hello Kitty intimates.

Lingerie featuring the iconic Japanese character (who is really British!) will cost anywhere between US$27 and US$98, depending on the piece.

According to Sanrio's David Marchi, "A lot of people think this is jut a brand for kids and teens, but many women 18 years and older have grown up with Hello Kitty and can relate to the brand in a more adult way."

Relating in a more adult way? Gives a whole new meaning to Hello Kitty.

Sanrio and Hanky Panky Ink licence for Hello Kitty Intimates [WWD via Racked via I Am Chubby Bunny via Fashionista via ANN]


    OMG NO! It's the human female form! Quick, go out, find a child and cover it's eyes!

    why is this on this site at all?

      Hello Kitty. thats why

        And we are GRATEFUL, dammit.

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