Here Is Modern Warfare 3's Definitive 'Chuck Norris' Kill

When some terrorist arsehole's got everyone pinned down, there's only one way to solve the problem — up close and personal. Put another way, you can't kill Chuck Norris at close distance; close distance to Chuck Norris always kills you.


    You just know that guy who's managed to get a gold P90 just threw his controller through the closest window.

      And hurled distorted abuse at the entire server.

    That is one of the worst things with MW3- guns just don't kill people, position and tactics have nothing to do with winning, it all comes down to shit like that. Grrr

      Yeah, and all those people that consistently get MOABs and come top of the leaderboards just get lucky more often! The more I practice, the luckier I get...

        if you actually think MW3, or any COD since WAW requires even a modicum of skill to do well at then you really do fit the stereotype.

        It's the game for bad gamers.

          Actually John I couldn't disagree with you more. There is a huge distinct gulf between those who have skill at COD and those that don't. Yes, in WAW a skilled team could go 750 - 0 (and frequently did, allowing the enemy team to only get points from killing dogs), and that has definitely changed... but still, the truth of the matter is that a skilled player will outclass and outplay any nonskilled opponent 100% of the time.

          So yes, I do believe that it requires even a modicum of skill to do well at MW3.


            I've just moved back to the COD franchise after BF3 failed to deliver for me, and I must say I really enjoy COD. At first I was getting destroyed, but I watched some commentaries on the game and learned what works and what doesn't. Now I'm playing a lot better and topping the scoreboards more often than not. Its all about knowing the maps and playing to the strengths of each weapon in my opinion. Far from a skilless game if you ask me.

            There might be a gulf between new players and experienced players in COD, but it's not nearly as big a deal as it is in other shooters. Especially arena DM type games.

            I can't stand the franchise but can readily pick it up for a bash with friends and be immediately good at it - it's very user friendly. Whereas should I jump onto any given CS pub server or a Q3A server and it's a different story.

            Nope. I have friends who've never played CoD before and can pickup an Xbox controller and play it with me and do ok, no problems.

            You should watch them try and play CS, or BF2142.

            THAT is a gulf between experience and new. CoD, well, CoDdles people.

      Bring back Counter-Strike as #1 FPS. CS:GO maybe?

    Nothing more pointless than a COD article is a COD article with Chuck Norris jokes.

      The video was pretty funny, those videos are always entertaining.

      But really now, a Chuck Norris joke in 2012? Let's see, Chuck Norris jokes became popular -and then fucking old- in my school (thanks to me!) in year 11, and that was 2004, so, 8 years ago! EIGHT YEARS this infernal meme has persisted past its use by date, and Owen still things its lul teh funnay.

        watch yourself says Norris

    Doesn't this sorta thing happen all the time though? Pretty funny kill, but it has NOTHING on any of StunGravy's epic BF3 stunts.

    So the joke is MW3's graphics? :P

    Ah, Chuck Norris jokes, right up there with Portal/Cake jokes and arrows to the knee...

    TL;DR STFU Owen.

      >thinks everyone outside of his shitty little legion site knows what TL;DR means
      >is a stupid newfag

        >Thinks TL:DR is only used on a few sites
        >Is wrong.
        >Typing like a moron is fun.


    What about me? im gitting FUCKING OLD..... well i am i agree

    >Chuck Norris

    pwnd by tamahoak that wasn't GOLD xD

    always do stuff w/ stuff that's NOT gold< quote's from me God

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