Here Is Resistance 3's April Fools' Day Joke

Resistance 3's boat level. Talk about badly-designed encounters. True, it's the first time you really get to crank out the game's shotgun, but on the hardest difficulty, running around that tiny excuse for a seaworthy vessel practically eating the contents of the ammo chest and wall-mounted health pack on a second-by-second basis made it the most frustrating fights for me. So you can imagine I'm not that psyched to check out the supposed April Fools' Day content hidden there.

Fortunately, I don't have to, as IGN has done us all a favour by letting the, uh, gnome out of the bag.

Firstly, a bit of background. About five hours ago, Insomniac's Twitter account disgorged this morsel:

We may have hid something in Resistance 3 that will show up on April Fool's Day if you play the campaign. Try the boat level. Maybe.

Two hours later, it followed up with:

IGN has revealed our April Fool's Day Resistance 3 surprise, along with other Easter Eggs in the game.

And here's the IGN reveal. In case you're wondering, during the boat ride, your enemies will throw gnomes at you instead of their usual ordinance. No, it's not that spectacular, but the IGN article does feature a few more hidden secrets that are somewhat more interesting.

@insomniacgames [Twitter]

Resistance 3's April Fools' Gag and Other Hilarity [IGN]


    I suspect folks will have plans with Calander Man in Arkham City too. (Unless you've already seen it. Damn 360 clock. So easy to change. :P)

    Just finished watching Gnomeo & Juliet less than a minute ago. Coincidence much?

    nic you suck wy would you watch that shit

      Because the soundtrack is by Elton John; why else?

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