Here's Lollipop Chainsaw's' Cheerleader Heroine And Zombies In The Rotting Flesh

Brains taste kind of like a turkey burger. I learned this at Lollipop Chainsaw party held by Warner Brothers Interactive last night at GDC 2012, where James Gunn — the Dawn of the Dead screenwriter who's writing the horror action game — and designer Suda 51 were in attendance.

The ground turkey brains and other terror-themed treats like tombstone cookies were passed around by undead waitstaff caked in very well-done zombie make-up. The highlight of the Lollipop party, however, was a photo-ready crew of gory high school students who posed with a lookalike of game heroine Juliet. Check out the gallery above to see Juliet, a really tall jock zombie and the other monstrosities from the Chainsaw festivities.


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