Hop On A Bicycle And Cause Some Mischief With This Classic Theme

You guys all know I love Rockstar's Bully, right? I've written at length about how great it is, and how I wish that more games were set in high school. (As an addendum to that article, I am finally (finally!) playing Persona 3 Portable on the Vita, and I am loving the crap out of it.) Anyhow, this music plays whenever Jimmy hops on a bike, and while there may be more rockin' tunes on the soundtracks, it'll always mean Bully to me. The entire soundtrack, composed by Shawn Lee, is amazing — hopefully if Rockstar makes a sequel, they'll enlist Lee to work on the game.


    I love the soundtrack to this game. I love Bully, even though I thought I'd hate it. Best GTA-esque game since Jak 2.

    They need to make a sequel.

    I was only playing through this recently, such a good game and the music really sticks with you.

    Agreed. Loved the game and the music, even if a glitch robbed me of a 100% achievement score (the pirate never showed up or something). Great game.

    I've been listening to so much Queen lately that my first thought wasn't Bully, it was "Bicycle Race"

    Love that song.

    Imagine a bully sequel set in a college/uni/tafe like environment .

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