Hop On A Bicycle And Cause Some Mischief With This Classic Theme

Hop On A Bicycle And Cause Some Mischief With This Classic Theme
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You guys all know I love Rockstar’s Bully, right? I’ve written at length about how great it is, and how I wish that more games were set in high school. (As an addendum to that article, I am finally (finally!) playing Persona 3 Portable on the Vita, and I am loving the crap out of it.)

Anyhow, this music plays whenever Jimmy hops on a bike, and while there may be more rockin’ tunes on the soundtracks, it’ll always mean Bully to me. The entire soundtrack, composed by Shawn Lee, is amazing — hopefully if Rockstar makes a sequel, they’ll enlist Lee to work on the game.


  • I love the soundtrack to this game. I love Bully, even though I thought I’d hate it. Best GTA-esque game since Jak 2.

    They need to make a sequel.

  • Agreed. Loved the game and the music, even if a glitch robbed me of a 100% achievement score (the pirate never showed up or something). Great game.

  • I’ve been listening to so much Queen lately that my first thought wasn’t Bully, it was “Bicycle Race”

    Love that song.

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