Houses Explode In New Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Screenshots

Valve has some new screenshots for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the new re-imagining of the popular Half-Life mod that has turned into a phenomenon over the years, selling 25 million (!) copies, according to the publisher.

Counter-Strike: GO will be out this (northern) summer for Xbox 360, PC, Mac and PlayStation 3.


    Looking good for an eight year old or so engine.

      Looking great!

      I've always wanted to like CS but I just get destroyed every time I try and play. I hope the ranking system works in this one because it's no fun just getting killed every two seconds.

        It is a competitive game, you sorta have to practice..... A LOT.

      Not sure there's much left of the 8 year old version of source at this point. Valve built it to be modular if my history is correct allowing them to incrementally update the engine as time goes on.

    What Valve does is they update their engine with new features for every game release, Similar to what Infinity Ward and Treyarch do with the Call of Duty engine or IW engine.

    Thank god they implemented bloom. Just wouldnt be a modern game without blinding oversaturated bloom preventing you from seeing anything

    is that a re-imagining of militia or a new map?

    I just hope the collision detection is good, I still prefer Condition zero to Source because the bullets feel more weighty.
    Simply cannot wait for this game.

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