How 2011's Most Stunning Tech Demo Was Made

Like it did with The Casting, Heavy Rain creators Quantic Dream have again floored us with a tech demo, this time for Kara, the little robot who learned to love. Then got very upset when a man tries to tear her heart out.

This clip shows the making of the super-impressive demo, including footage of the actor behind the robot and the tech used to capture her face and emotions.


    The demo was pretty cool. though I also found it creepy as hell.

    Wow, pretty impressive! Actress did well with all the mocap going on

    Kara had the best potential for an awesomely deep story but as a TECH demo it was nothing special. The Samaritan from Epic using UE3 left everything for dead.

      umm.. yes but samiritan was on on a pc that was weeping with effort, while kara was running live on a ps3 - apples and oranges

        Was it running as a game would or a pre-rendered cutscene? If the former then impressive but still nothing to write home about, if they latter then even less so.

    more juice left on the PS3

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