How Assassin's Creed III Will Work On The Wii U

As bizarre as it seems to be thinking of a proper Assassin's Creed game appearing on a Nintendo console, it's going to happen later this year when Assassin's Creed III is released on the Wii U. Leading many people to wonder, how's it going to take advantage of the console's unique control pad?

The latest issue of Nintendo Power apparently has the answer, My Nintendo News transcribing a story from the latest issue that explains how the Wii U's pad will become your own private Animus.

While some aspects of the game's controls make it clear the Wii U touch screen will be this year's DS menu screen, such as tapping to change weapons, other things like the ability of the large individual screen to operate as somewhere to read database entries on the fly sound more promising.

No mention yet of a Betty Ross mini-game involving stitching across the touch screen.

Assassin's Creed 3 Wii U Details From Nintendo Power [My Nintendo News]


    I bet it involves pushing buttons and using the control stick

    "your own private Animus." I had to read that twice.AS3 should look great on the Wii u like it does on the pc, it always deserved better than the PS3/360.

      Well, given the Wii U is meant to be about as powerful as the 360 itself, maybe a tiny bit more but not much more as per se, and given the resolution won't actually likely be beyond 720p at this point? Highly doubtful.

        i don't know what you've been reading then cause everything I've ready says its a lot more powerful than 360 and ps3

    I just honestly can't think for the life of me how the Wii U is going to set itself out in the marketplace. I can't say there are any DS games I'd want to play on a TV. The only thing I can think of is multiplayer stuff like picking plays in sports games or selecting all your moves on Pokemon, which would be fun, but the stupid thing can apparently only have one of these controllers tethered to it. Hopefully this years' E3 gives me something to actually be excited about.

    And of course, you know, I guess I'll give a shit about the new Mario platformer, whenever that comes out.

    You have to blow on it..... f$%k you Nintendo!

    If anyone doesn't like what they see, relax. It'll all be optional.

    Given that there's an option to play games entirely on the subscreen, it's going to have to ship with a button-only control scheme anyway.

    In other words, a few gimmicks, which is all the controller is worth.

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