How Does Metal Gear Look On The PS Vita?

Like this! First mentioned last autumn, Metal Gear Solid: HD Edition is coming to the PS Vita. Have a gander at the PS Vita versions of Metal Gear Solid 2 and Metal Gear Solid 3.

With the "transfarring" system, players can save and transfer play data between the PS Vita and the PS3 via Wi-Fi or the cloud. Thus, it's possible to enjoy the Vita version at home on the PS3 or on the go with the Vita.

The game is slated for a June release in Japan.

PS Vita「METAL GEAR SOLID HD EDITION」は6月28日発売。 [4Gamer]


    How Does Metal Gear Look On The PS Vita?
    Um pretty average then, I mean it looks great for handheld game but not a "PS3 in your pocket" experience but I guess it's just a PS2 HD remaket.

    Exactly. It's a couple of HD'd Ps2 games on a handheld.

    Two of my favorite Ps2 games. :)

    It looks to me like it's going to be harder than I thought to put off throwing money into a PSVita... even though I know I should :-P

    I live my life
    not for honour
    but for you, Snake Eater
    In my time
    there'll be no one else, Snake Eater
    it's the way I fly to you, Snake Eater

    Hey I use the word gander too

    Holy mother of duckfuck.

    Granted, MGS2 looks like it's aged horribly, but I guess these are just stills and I'll reserve judgement on it once I pick the HDC up.

    Otherwise? Bring on MGS3 and Peace Walker, baby! I'm going to trophywhore the hell out of the HDC.

    where's peace walker? =(

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