How Game Value Is Like Six Boxes Of Horseshit

This is from Dan Pinchbeck, writer of PC indie story/thing Dear Esther, while giving a presentation at GDC earlier today.

For reference, the full quote is below:

Of all the turds in the pipe, this is the granddaddy. Games are not too expensive. If you go to the store to buy granola and accidentally buy horse shit, getting six boxes for free is not extra value. Games do not need to add extra content to be a better value. I used to spend a long time pumping money into slots as a kid with this. 'The gameplay never changed, there was no kind of like change in the experience, this kind of stuff I played it, I put a lot of money into it because I loved it.


    Let the plunkett bashing begin!

      What's the point?
      The work or complete and utter lack of work speaks for itself.

        I think he's done well to include the full quote.

    Games are not too expensive - if you live outside of Australia. Paying an extra 50% than the rest of the world, and for digital downloads as well, is - plainly put - horseshit.

      But we do get paid twice as much as people in the US. Swings and roundabouts.

        Digital distro should not be discrimiative based on where you live. Ever.

          The only reason shit costs twice as much is because people are stupid enough to pay that much (The business factors are minute). If there was a large enough shift against this kind of pricing they would change, they've said this themselves.

          But I'm a smart shopper, if others want to pay $100 for something they can get for $40 then that's all on them.

        Paid twice as much for service and entry level jobs sure, but not once you start to move up the food chain - then it's quite similar.

        The bottom end of the chain gets paid twice at much. Most people in the middle are paid similarly, especially when cost of living is factored in. I think the PPP is 60% higher in Australia alone, which just about covers every difference in wage, and then some.

    i hate you luke

    Fuck, Luke is lame.

    despite how much the community can't stand him, they won't get rid of him.
    A: Low IQ = Low pay rate = less money spent
    B: Interesting stories to the public, free ad showing space.
    C: They don't need to quality control him, shit covered in glitter is still shit.

    Okay guys we know Luke is terrible, he didn't expand on any discussion about the quote at all and he probably should have.
    So let's do it for him! (no, you will not get paid for this)

    Personally I am finding this quote to be all over the place. His initial point is that games are not expensive. Which is debatable (the american prices, not the australian ones, which we all know are far too expensive). But then he makes this odd granola to horseshit comparison, and that's where he loses me.

    If I go to the store to buy granola (a game?) and instead I buy horseshit (some inferior product that isn't a game, but is cheaper?), even though I get more boxes of horseshit for the same price as the granola game, it isn't worth it.

    Yeah I don't know, it's lost on me.
    What do YOU think, Kotaku Australia community?

      The quote has left me baffled too. He might be saying that if a game is good, the value of it is inherent. And that if the game is crap, then you can throw all the value-add at it that you want, but it will still be a shit game.

      Whatever it is, his line of thinking does not appear to be very clear.

        The problem is when that horseshit is packaged inside a granola box you've paid full price for.

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    Come on man, geez, Luke's not great at the whole journalism thing most of time but that's just not very appropriate.

    Criticise the article, not the man's fellatio ability.

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