How The NES Made That Funky Echo Sound

Ever wonder how NES games like Ducktales were able to make that distinctive "echo" sound? Wonder no more, with this handy explanation.

NES Audio: Demonstrating Reverb/ Echo with Ducktales [Retro Game Audio, via Go Nintendo]

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    Really? Total Recall is usually Lukes best work but heres a 40 second video with no explanation? Wow.


    I thought it was done with quantum physics, where the sound itself is exported to a nearby canyon, then the resulting sound is teleported over to a dimension where sound is sh!ttier than here, and then brought back to the NES to pipe into your TV, all at a very minimal latency.

    This makes a lot more sense.

    For another example of the same concept, listen to "The Dave D Taylor Blues" from Doom II.

    This gotta get article of the year

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