How To Make Terrific Video Game Tree

If you want to make trees in video games, you can grab a program called SpeedTree and get to growing, pruning and playing god. This is what game developers do, including apparently the makers of Batman: Arkham City, whose game had trees I forgot about.

This is the kind of tech they're showing at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. SpeedTree isn't a new thing. It's a staple. But that doesn't make it any less exotic to those of us in the normal world who look at so much of video game creation as a kind of magic.


    Aww missed opportunity!! You could have said treemendous :)

    seemingly typical gamer response if mass effect had used this:

    "whaat!!!!!!!?!?!?!?! this is so freaking lazy!! they dont hand model every tree from scratch?? this is an outrage!!! this is typical bioware crap! I will never play mass effect again unless its really awesome..."

    Oh.. I thought this a Plant/Tree growing sim :( Been looking for one for a while now.. where did all the cool virtual pet games go.. yes yes.. ninetndogs.. but that's not what I mean.. I want something like Creatures but with Trees/Plants..

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