'Hunger Games' Stud Can't Shake Off The Super Mario Theme

At the end of a nearly 13 minute interview, Peter Travers, the eminent film critic from Rolling Stone asks Josh Hutcherson, who plays Peeta in current box office smash The Hunger Games to sing the song currently on his mind. OK, Hutcherson says, just one problem: The song has no lyrics.

For some reason, the world 1-1 and 1-2 themes in Super Mario Bros. have been Hutcherson's nagging earworm during the release week for this film, when you'd think folks would have something else on their minds. But there it is. I'm surprised he didn't add in the coin box jingle-jangle and the fireball throw, sounds that come almost instantly after dropping down the pipe to 1-2.

Hutcherson was born more than six years after Super Mario Bros. released in both the arcade and for the Nintendo Entertainment System in North America.

Josh "Sings" Out the Super Mario Brothers Theme Song For Peter Travers [Hunger Games DWTC]


    i hate you owen

      Finally some variety.

        Poor Luke is going to be crushed when he finds out "name" hates someone else.

      But owen is Good.

    Well shit, that was worth telling the internet about

    Now THIS. THIS, my boy, is NEWS.

    This pales in comparison to the other news of the day. Apparently, and this is still awaiting confirmation, Brad Pitt was seen wearing a red and blue t-shirt. RED and BLUE! Now you can't tell me there is no direct link between that and the attire of a certain famous plumber. Wait a minute, I said link, LINK, as in the hero of time. THEREFORE, Brad Pitt loves Zelda. Quick tell Luke and Owen tomorrow's news headline is already breaking.


    Quit the bitching. The fact that anyone considers anything videogame-related "real" news is ludicrous in the first place. This is just e-elitism.

      They could also click on the News button at the top of the site... oh, who am I kidding. Us Australians love to complain about everything.

        Oh no, you stereotyped Australians. Thanks for giving me something to complain about.

          I tried to fit in kangaroos, koalas, shrimps on barbies and baby eating dingos, but nothing came to mind.

      A lot of people here seem to find any excuse to bash the Americans, even when the article is semi-decent. I know they're no Kotaku Australia but seriously, there are better things to complain about.

      I agree, it's getting pretty pathetic. If you guys hate the site so much why do you come back?

    Well, Josh Hutcherson can turn in his Nintendo fan credentials then. Because the song *does* have lyrics. =D


      Except the fact that that concert was held in 2003 meaning that the original still doesnt have lyrics.

    It's funny, and video-game related. I don't see the problem with this little piece.


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