I Am Alive Heads To PS3 Next Month

Ubisoft's I Am Alive will be coming to the PlayStation 3 next month. It'll be available on the PlayStation Network on April 4. You can check out our review of the 360 version here.


    I really enjoyed this on the xbox, good 6 hours of play on 1 play through, only managed to rescue 15 of the survivors tho.
    Would recommend it to anyone who likes games that draw you in without realizing it.
    I really hope they release a second game or an expansion that lets you focus more on the main story.

      Yeah, when the game was good it was really good and there's so much potential there. I think if it got the attention it needed as a full length release it'd be all the better. The checkpoint system was pretty damn horrible. Would've been nice if there was alternate ways to intimidate bad guys and sneak past combat too. Good times had most of the time, though.

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