I Have A Hard Time Believing This Duke Nukem 3D Map Was Drawn From Memory, But OK

We've written about Mapstalgia a couple times before. On the tumblr, people submit maps of classic games that they've drawn from memory. This map of the Red Light District from Duke Nukem 3D, strains the whole "from memory" aspect of things, but it's still impressive.

(You can view the full version by expanding the image above or clicking here). This guy should make maps for FAQs!

You can find plenty more gaming memory-maps (and submit your own) over at Mapstalgia.


    Loved this game, if it is from memory this guy needs to be working for the CIA not drawing maps.

    Who is to say this wasn't from memory? If you played the game enough times to know the level by heart you'd be able to draw a map of just about anything.

    I could have done something like this, though probably not to the same extent. Knowing where all the items are? Even remembering the N64 layout? The only thing he's done wrong (I am pretty sure) is the destroyed skyscraper layout.

    I could never have drawn this from memory, but seeing the layout here, I can visualise the level so clearly!

    I knew it was Red Light District from the thumbnail. I could have drawn it form memory as well but not as well.

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