iiNet Announces Relief Options For Those Suffering From The NSW Floods

iiNet Announces Relief Options For Those Suffering From The NSW Floods
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When I left my apartment building this morning, their was water pouring through the light fixture in the lobby ceiling. I’m actualy a little worried our swimming pool has overflowed and flooded the building. These floods are serious. However, if you’re with iiNet, and your internet is affected, it looks like there’ll be some support.

A release from iiNet, informed us that it has set up several different kinds of relief for folks having issues with their connections as a result of the floods.

Customers located in areas affected by the flooding should contact their Internet Service Provider directly to receive extended payment options. Any associated fees will also be waived.

In areas where homes have been damaged due to flooding, the following relief package will be provided:

• Cancellation, without penalty, of the fixed line service and reservation of the customer’s telephone number for a period of 3 months.

• Free connection to alternative premises/accommodation while a customer’s home is uninhabitable.

• Cancellation, without penalty, of any broadband or Dialup internet service.

• Free installation of any ADSL internet service at the customer’s new premises within a 12 month period and continuation of existing contract (where relevant and with no penalty).

Michael Malone, iiNet CEO, said that staff will be on hand to help those having problems.

“Challenging weather conditions can cause a lot of inconveniences, so we hope to provide some comfort to those customers affected as they’ll have one less thing to worry about,” said Malone.


  • Does not impact me but what a great thing to be on the front foot about. Good job iinet (Im with Netspace but same same now).

  • iiNet impressed me last month, I had just moved house and my internet wasn’t connecting for more than a few minutes at a time, I called iiNet and they said before they lodged a line fault with Telstra they would send out their own technician to have a look just in case the problem was on my end. The tech came out and found that one of the ports in my wall wasn’t wired properly, he fixed the problem by redoing the wiring on the socket. Suddenly my internet became stable at 20mbit and I wasn’t charged any fees for the service.

    If they had just lodged it with Telstra I would have been charged a 150 dollar call out fee.

  • Its good to hear iiNet helping, however they more than disappointed me after my own recent dramas.

    A house fire burned down most of one end of my house, fortunately insurance were able to help us out with accomodation (where im still staying in a hotel). The following day we proceeded to take care of the requirements, cutting off gas, power, phone, foxtel and internet. Every company we dealt with were supportive in waiving cancellation fees, or offering account holds that we can reconnect when construction is completed. Likewise iiNet told us that they would hold the account for a month, and if we hadnt reconnected in that time, they would simply close our account with no cancellation fees. A month later we found a direct debit fee of nearly $500 had attempted to be taken out of our account, however due to our situation there wasnt any money in said account, so instead we had an overdrawn fee, and a rude customer service consultant call my already distressed girlfriend and call her dishonest and accuse her of “ripping off iinet” (their words, not mine) by not having sufficient funds in the account to pay. After explaining the situation to this woman, she commented that simply “that is a lie, there are no notes to support this” and being told that they would attempt to get their money in 3 days time, and the money had better come through this time. This disgusted me to no end, and I called them myself (the account was in my name, and I never did get an answer on why they called her and not me), and was told that again, there were no notes to support the claim of the original waiver, nor were there notes about the conversation with my girlfriend only hours earlier. After three days of angry phone calls and emails being exchanged was anything cleared up, and we still ended up paying a hefty fee, though not the original $500. This was disappointing, as we had recieved exception customer service while a customer, but when we were no longer a customer through no means of my own, we were treated like dirt.

  • iiNet provided the same offer when we lost our house in the Qld floods last year. They cancelled the contract without penalty, and we set up a wireless connection while living with extended family.

    When we finally found a place 4 months later I was all too happy to set up a new connection with them. Took a little organising to cancel the wireless connection after the new line was set up (a little overlap to be sure everything worked), but no penalties for that either.

    As a bonus, the new plan had a BoB2 router – an upgrade on the ordinary BoB we had before (when something like this happens, every little win counts to encourage you to press through).

    iiNet were a great help then, and I’m glad to see them offering the same help now.

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