In Catch-22 You Have To Avoid Killing Yourself

I love little games like this — with a single, unique mechanic. Catch-22 is a game that burst forth from Game Jam in Amsterdam, and now the team is hard at work preparing a complete version for release on iOS and Facebook. It's pretty difficult to explain, so I suggest you just watch the video!

Alright — I'll have a go at describing it. Catch-22 is a game in which you alternate between controlling two spheres in orbit, spheres that are travelling in opposite directions from one another. When you are controlling one, the other sphere continues along the path you created when you were last in control of it! The point of the game is to try and make it so the spheres never come in contact with on another.

See! Confusing, right! Man, just watch the video! I'm terrible at explaining things!

Thanks Mangodown!


    "I’m terrible at explaining things!"

    Coming from a "journalist", I lol'ed.

    Is Milo Minderbinder the distributor?

    Hey everyone! Thanks for having a look at our game!

    Catch-22 is a one-button game in which you play against yourself

    You control one of the two spheres that orbit the planet, and your goal is to avoid the other you and collect all the white balls. When you get the last ball, you score points and switch control to the other player. You now have to collect all white balls again to score, but have to avoid your own jumps and evasions. Until you switch again, and again...

    You will inevitably crash into yourself, but you are the only one to blame

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    Am I missing something? This is so close to Osmos it's almost stolen.
    Adding another mote? That's exiting .... for about two seconds.

    Thanks but I'll stick to my copy of Osmos. It looks better and plays better.

      He EmbraceThePing,

      In Osmos the goal is to "eat" smaller spheres to become bigger then other spheres so you can "eat" them.
      If you watch the trailer of Catch-22 you will notice that it doesn't even come close to Osmos. In Catch-22 you don't move the spheres yourself, the only thing you can do is jumping. You are also not allowed to touch the other sphere.So it really isn't anything like Osmos at all.
      The mechanic that you pick up spheres in the Catch-22 game comes closer to Mario (with picking up coins) then to Osmos.

    Hey EmbraceThePing,

    I think you're missing the concept of the game here. In this game you play against yourself endlessly, unlike in Osmos where you play against the "others" ( AI ) and need to devour them in order to complete the level (fixed ending). Catch-22 doesn't have any level progression, just you against yourself on a lonely planet.

    In Catch-22 you are faced with an unsolvable situation which you can only procrastinate by avoiding yourself and getting a higher high-score.

    I can understand the visual link to Osmos, but not on a gameplay level. Hope this makes it more clear to you.

      Ps, the switching of the characters is caused because you pick up all the white balls, not because it "just" happens. There is a goal when you take turn, and at the end that turn control is shifted to the other player and your previous player will now repeat all the actions you did in the last round. And this will go on forever because you can only score points when you pick up all white balls, and switch again, and again...

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