In Which Jennifer Aniston & Matthew Perry Teach Us About Windows 95

An oldie, to be sure, even by this feature's standards, but still a fun watch. Especially when you notice it was put together by GT Interactive, the company which would later try to pass itself off as Atari.


    I love you luke.

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      if you hate him so much, why don't you just stop coming to the articles, fuck off and waste your time hating on him to someone who cares.. like.. your reflection. We don't need to hear about your hate in everyone of his posts. His articles might not be to your liking, but rather than trolling and spoiling our great community, if you think you can do better, perhaps you should do something constructive and post an article that you'd rather see in the comments.
      I've ignored the hating on Luke for a long time now, but this is just getting rediculous. I'm not his friend, I don't even know the guy, and often I have no interest in his articles either, but there's no need to troll just because you don't like it. Put your concerns in an email and send it to him direct or to management. You'll accomplish nothing by posting your abuse here except giving the community a bad reputation. Take your hate to youtube or facebook where all the other immature trolls live.
      Times like this I really wish they'd never taken away moderation of comments.

        Hating on Luke and Bashcraft doesn't give us a bad reputation.
        It makes us admirable for standing up to the scourge known as bad journalism.

        In summary, I hate you Luke.

          it's hardly bad journalism to write an article that isn't about games, on a site that's dedicated to geek culture. I don't see anywhere on Kotaku where it states that it's a dedicated gaming blog.

            Top of the page: "Kotaku Australia, the Gamer's Guide: Computer & Video Game News & Reviews".

            I'm not going to join in the Plunkett-bashing this Name guy is doing, but a lot of the crap spewed forth by the US site is pretty bad.

          FYI, 'name' here posts in every single one of Luke's posts saying nothing but "i hate you luke". That doesn't make him look admirable for "standing up to the scourge known as bad journalism" at all. It makes him look like an immature child. Same goes for everyone else who leaves nasty comments that say nothing but point out their loathing for Luke. Come on, can't you guys be at least a teensy bit civil? As the saying goes, act your age, not your shoe size. It's really immature to hate someone who posts articles that barely even belong on this site, no matter how often he/she does it.
          Also, FYI, Luke most likely doesn't even read Kotaku US. Your hate filled posts achieve nothing but making you look immature. You'd be better of writing a civil, polite email to Kotaku US and tell them that you don't like Luke's articles and why. Who knows, that may actually achieve something.

    I'm not sure if Luke is dissing on GT Interactive here and I admit I'm unfamiliar with whatever he's referring to regarding Atari, but the only thing I think of when I see the company's name is "playing Driver on my PC" and I feel fuzzy inside. Ignorance is bliss, apparently.

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