Inafune Says Japanese Industry Needs To Take More Chances On 'The Young Guys'

The outspoken creator of Mega Man has said that Japanese game companies are suffering because they lack a creative vision and they aren't taking enough chances on young game developers.

In an interview with Gamasutra, Inafune, who is known for his controversial remarks about the Japanese games industry being "finished", said that the Japanese video game industry relies too heavily on older, more experienced talent, in turn not giving new talent a go.

"They're thinking, 'It's just faster if I do it myself. If I do it myself, there's not the risk of it being a failure,'" he told Gamasutra.

"They just don't really have the bravery to give the younger generation a chance."

Inafune says it's important to give younger people a chance so that they can be trained from an early age.

"If you look at the Japanese game industry in general, if you want to become a director, if you become a director by the time you're in your early 30s or mid-30s, that's pretty good in a major publisher or a major developer. But at Comcept [one of Inafune's studios formed last year], we actually have two directors that are in their late 20s. So ultimately, we're giving people their chances at an earlier time. They would never have gotten these chances if they were at Capcom or some other big publisher."

He added that many Japanese teams lack a creative vision, with developers asking where they can make money rather than asking themselves what kind of game they want to build.

"If you look at other companies, they may have a president, they may have producers and directors, but these guys sometimes don't really understand," he says.

"In the end, you can't say whose game it was that they made. They're not really unified as a company under a single person's vision."



    I've been thinking this for a while. I mean, Miyamoto is great, but he's essentially been responsible for the same half dozen games for what, 25 years now? Could you imagine if the only serious game developers in the West were John Ramero, Ralph Baer, and Richard Bartle? Like I said, nothing wrong with those guys, but it would crush the diversity that we have today. And we have enough problems with diversity as it is...

    Given the strict way Japanese society works this isn't even a longshot, the only time someone has 100% control over their own work is when they kill themselves to produce it like "One Piece". Otherwise its some old guy yelling about how its too hard and he wants to make a dating sim, like ff13.....

    Also we will have fully functioning holodecks and will still see "Pokemon: Unobtainium" games being released in exactly the same format

    Classic power struggle you see in japanese offices. the old guys hold all the cards and refuse to be first cab off the rank for new ideas. its half the reason for theflatlined economy since 1990

    Considering the top-down corporate culture of most Japanese companies (not just game devs), not really surprised. As long as they make the odd Binary Domain, I'm set.

    That was Sweeeettt!

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