iPad Australian Pricing Is Cheaper Than You'd Think

So the new iPad is out, and with tablet gaming rapidly becoming a 'thing', we thought it might be worth quickly wrapping up the prices of said 'things'. Overall verdict — the new iPad is actually a little bit cheaper than you might expect.

It goes as follows.

16GB (Wi-Fi): $539 16GB (3G): $679

32GB (Wi-Fi): $649 32GB (3G): $789

64GB (Wi-Fi): $759 64GB (3G): $899

It's worth noting that while the '3G' iPad does support 4G, the new iPad doesn't support the frequencies used by Telstra's 4G network in Australia — which is why we're still referring to it as the '3G' version.

I still don't own an iPad, and part of me sees little reason to invest in one, but I've always thought that an iPad with a 'retina display' would be the one that sold me on the device. These prices seem relatively reasonable so maybe this is the time?

What do you guys think? Anyone own an iPad? Anyone upgrading? Anyone biting the bullet this time round with their first tablet? Let us know in the comments below.


    I will be getting one this time around, I haven't owned one in the past but I've been selling the things at my workplace for a while now. Not to mention i just started university study this year. I think i will make good use of it and it's portability.

      Interesting, I would have thought you'd be better off with something with a stylus, and note taking capabilities.

      I too have returned to uni to try my hand at something different, and was considering a windows based slate running onenote with a stylus.

      Although, for anything decent, they are around twice the price of aforsaid iThingy, but they have more than twice the flexibility.

      OMG though, the resolution..... *droool*

        The iPad has note taking capabilities and the new textbook app allows highlighting, marking up etc. I have most of my textbooks now as PDFs and read them via the iBooks software, but I am hopeful more will be converted to the textbook app.
        As it is there are 3 Astronomy and Physics book that I have on my iPad now that reduces my backpack by 6kg, which is bloody handy.

        Actually you'll find the iTextBook or whatever it's called to be useful. Looks very cool :)

        A stylus! haha oh god, every stylus should be gathered up, put in a big rocket and fired into the sun.

    This will be my first iPad. I basically just want to be able to play Frozen Synapse while I'm at work. And Greed Corp on the train. And get a better screen for my Carcassonne games. And I'll be getting a Telstra sim so I'll actually be able to get a signal at my desk.

    If it can drive all those pixels at a smooth effortless speed then I am in.
    A display in my hand with more pixels than my HDTV means I can read my textbooks without eyestrain and have a device for taking my photo portfolio to customers.
    That resolution really means that graphically it is about as good as it can get as a display, and that is what I need day to day and can stop lugging my laptop around.
    I'm hopeful we will see some beautiful games that take advantage of it, but they will probably be while coming. I'd like to see it used as a second screen/interface for PC gaming, this would be an awesome addition beside the PC, someone make that happen!

    What were last year's prices, as comparison?


      Hey, nice gravatar pic. Good show that one.

        Yeah, too bad they won't be releasing any more :(

          I didn't know that. Now I feel bad for not giving them any money when they released that first episode :(

            :( I think it's because... they ran out of money too lol. le sigh. Maybe it'll happen, just not soon.

    I'm thinking of selling my 64gb ipad2 to get the cheapest new retina model. I got my current tab from work, so it was free, but I've realized since day one that this thing is going to be ABSURD with a retina display. Just a fantastic interface.

    It's too bad that nobody else is really able to compete on the innovation. Who'd have thought the yanks would be driving consumer electronics again?

    Absolutely will not pay the Australian retail price. Because I'm not a sheep.

      What is wrong with the Australian retail price?
      The base model is US$499, add in GST and that makes it US$549, the Australian RRP is AUD$539.

      9000 - you're my hero...

    Is it just more or is this less than the iPad2 was going for as recently as 2 weeks ago? I'm personally more likely to just get an iPad2, assuming they take a sharp price drop ahead of the iPad3 launch.

    Then again I might not even bother. I got an iPhone yesterday and apart from having a larger screen I'm not sure what I'd do with an iPad that my iPhone won't do. I'm sure it's a better device, I just don't know what use I'd personally have for it now.

      Nope, not just you, they are cheaper. :)
      And yeah ipad2 is dropping in price.
      Stolen from gizmodo - 16GB iPad 2 will sell for $429 (Wi-Fi only) or $569 (Wi-Fi + 3G).

      I bought my mom the iPad 2 and it's fantastic for her, who doesn't use a PC.

      However, for everyone else that has a laptop/iPhone, you basically have to fall for Apple's marketing, buy one and then figure out how cool it is or what you'll end up using it for. That's what all iPad owners tell me.

        That's about what I figured. I think the iPad, especially now that my wife and I have iPhones, is more of a 'nice to have' rather than something I necessarily want to drop $500 on right now.

        Could argue that for any tablet really. It's not an iPad specific thing.

        Advantage being that the AppStore is probably more likely to satisfy your needs than those of other devices which don't have the market share and hence not as widely developed for

          Which is why I wouldn't bother buying a $400 tablet PC even if it's technically superior to a $500-$600 iPad2/3. I don't like to believe I'm Apple's whore since the iPhone 4S is the first apple product I've owned since I bought an iPod Nano about 6 or 7 years ago, but if I'm going to buy a toy like a tablet I'm going to want strong App support.

          I'm not really interested in jailbreaking or otherwise cracking my tablet, I don't need flexibility, I just need it to work.

    For reference:

    16GB (Wi-Fi): $499
    16GB (4G): $629

    32GB (Wi-Fi): $599
    32GB (4G): $729

    64GB (Wi-Fi): $699
    64GB (4G): $829

    I know it's in another article but putting it here could help : ). Australian prices are surprisingly not that high.

      Yeah, basically US pricing plus GST, nice to see a company finally acknowledging the Aussie dollar has changed :^P

    while i still have no need for one, This is the first time I have been impressed by the specs of the ipad, 10 hour battery life and a 2047 x 1536 screen. While I wont be getting one, I am looking forward to movies, and tech that may start to take advantage of that resolution in the future.

      Hope that row of dead pixels isn't in the middle of the screen >.<

    Seems like a pointless buy to me.

    That price point for what is being touted as "better than a console" costs MORE than a console. And I hope no-one buys a $600 handheld to play Angry Birds.

    I really wish that this would fail, so that they start releasing feature rich updates every year rather than "Pretty screen! Don't mention the lack of a decent camera, 4G support, and all other problems".

    i think i'll get one this time. might be good to own something POST-Steve jobs involvement.

    Total n00b question - what is so awesome about a 'retina display'?

      The idea is it has such a high pixel density that at a normal viewing distance you can't see the pixels. It produces a very sharp and clear image. Theoretically as sharp as the human eye can see.

      For the iPhone, the "normal viewing distance" is 10 inches.

      For the iPad, the pixel density is not quite as good because it is a larger screen, but they have said the normal viewing distance is 15 inches, so it's OK.

      Short version: It looks bloody fantastic.

        I appreciate the detail McGarnical. Thanks!

    I don't have any iThings (or even a smartphone!), but this is a little tempting so I could dip my toe in the itunes store.

    But it's essentially a toy! I have enough toys! and working purely in windows based development means I can't even really justify buying it for 'work'

      It's apparently good for viewing PDFs, so maybe you could read some reference materials?

      The iPad is the easiest thing to sign off as a work device. Note taking, PDFs, emails. Doesn't have to be development.

        Well I might need to test how some websites appear on the iPad...hmmm

        * strokes (non-existent) beard *

    I certainly have absolutely no use for it as a gaming device. Lack of physical controls is still a deal-breaker for me.

    My wife wants an iPad, but that's mainly just for web browsing and facebook (and possibly a bit of Angry Birds) and I'm trying to get her to consider an Android tablet like the Samsung Galaxy one if only because of the flash support, considering she's mainly in it for the web.

    If she still decides she wants an iPad, though, then I guess we'll probably end up getting one of these new ones.

    So it won't work with Telstra 4G - only 3G - which GIZMODO reports Telstra is turning off in APRIL. WTF

      Gee - does it work with nextG?

        So let me get this right...

        No 4G which is its bg selling point...

        The camera from the iPhone4 and the harddrive is the same size since the bloody ipad 1?

        To quote the horse from Ren and Stimpy?

        "No Sir, I don't like it."

        I mean ffs, 8mp is the minimum for a bloody mobile camera these days easily. 5mp is a joke.

        Should be looking at 64,128,256 by now at LEAST.

        4G will probably be implemented later as our network expands and is upgraded anyhow, thats not Apples fault, but the other two are longstanding issues that need resolution (pun not intended) but the camera, on a HD device? Come the **** off it...

    I dont understand the techgababble .... so will we get 4G for the new iPad or not in Australia?

    " the new iPad doesn’t support the frequencies used by Telstra’s 4G network in Australia"

    Really? Because Apple are billing it as a 4G device and have Telstra's logo on that page and stuff. If it actually doesn't do 4G in Australia they could get into serious trouble (false advertising).

    Still no interest here.

    I'm sorry, but when you tout the insane screen resolution and processing power I expect a similar increase in storage capacity.

    File sizes of games are only going to get bigger to take advantage of the increased specs, 1080p films/tv shows are hardly small, yet they're still only offering 64gb as a their premium model with no external storage options?

    Get off my plane.

      There are multiple external storage options, like the Seagate GoFlex satellite, 500GB should be enough for you:

        I'm aware of the external hard drives. I'm talking about sd cards and the like, which preserve the device's portability as the only thing you need to take with you.

        Is it too much to hope for larger onboard storage options from the devices that are basically replacing laptops?

    @Martin. The 3G network being turned off is not the one iPhones and iPads use, they use the NextG network and that is not being turned off anytime soon.

    Optus' LTE network (once rolled out) will use the 700MHz spectrum, and therefore will work the the new iPad.

    I doubt Apple will release an updated version later in the year to support their spectrum, I'd say Telstra will have to utilise one of the supported spectrums on top of what they currently use.

    I might get game news if i go to apples website i guess.

    I've been waiting for awhile to get one, so now seems like a good time.

    Not planning on getting one.

    Like Angus, I've kept well away from i*insert name* products due to iTunes and other proprietary nonsense, but overall I still just don't see why I would want to get a a tablet at all. Let alone an iPad. I feel like they fill a niche that doesn't exist. Like the way no one cared about BO until deodorant was invented, and advertising told us it we needed it.

      Do you like computers Crowbar? If you do, YOU are the niche. :)

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