Is Microsoft About To Up XBLA Achievements to 400 Points Per Game?

As a semi-reformed 'Achievement Ho', I'd like to say I totally don't care about the answer to that question, but I sort of do! Xbox 360 Achievements has a story claiming that Microsoft is about to up the points limit of achievements to 400 for some games, and I think I'm in favour.

According to its source, this will be the new rules for XBLA games.

Base: 400 Gamerscore / Max of 30 Achievements DLC: Up to 100 Gamerscore + 8 Achievements per Quarter (4 Max) Total: Up to 800 Gamerscore / 62 Achievements

Although I'd love to take the high ground here and say it completely doesn't matter, there have been times when I've invested time in a game, just to get achievements, and I've often felt that XBLA games got the crappy end of the stick in this regard. Some games, like Trials HD, for example, have hours and hours of content to plough through, but the achievement list really doesn't reflect that. I'm sure that had resulted in some folks spending less time with the game than they would have.

Still, it's an economy like any other. You can't tinker too much lest the points themselves become worthless. That's the nature of gamification. If it's not managed correctly it loses all value and becomes more of a hindrance than anything.

XBLA Achievement Policy Change Coming Soon [Xbox 360 Achievements]


    I think developers should only use achievements if they actually have a purpose, I played I Am Alive on the weekend and was staggered by the terrible achievements. (Kill 1 person in melee, kill 3 people in melee, kill 5 people in melee.) Meanwhile major milestones of the story were ignored in entirety. It reminded me of Condemened where the only achivements you seemed to get was finding dead birds. :S

      (Holy damn, I need to proof read my posts. That read like the crazed ramblings of an illiterate maniac. :P)

        Mad rambling or not, I agree entirely!

      You should play Avatar: The Burning Earth :P

      I'm on the other side, I dislike achievements that are given for actions you have to do to play/progress/win the game if they are not used sparingly.
      GTAIV's 'off the boat' achievement for example is pretty pointless.

      So I like the achievements that can be earnt through gameplay, but aren't needed to finish the game.

        I like achievements that reflect choices made, where there's more than one outcome. Heavy Rain did that pretty well.

        I agree I prefer achievements that aren't tied to the story in any way but rather for outlandish things you can do (and not for pointless grinding either)

        I think those progression milestone achievements are in there as much for the developers as they are for users.

        I understand the developers get aggregate stats about what achievements people earn, so GTA's "Off the Boat" achievement would tell them how many people started the game, and they can compare this with the number of people gaining the other progression achievements to see where people give up on the game.

        If too many people give up on the game at one point, they might consider patching that part of the game.

    YAY Trials HD gets a mention, and I couldn't agree more with you there mate. Ive played hundreds of hours in that game yet I got most achievements within a few weeks. It didn't impact how much I played the game, but sue would have given me more focus as I do like an achievement or two!

    If someone drops a game as soon as they get all the achievement points it doesn't reflect very well on the game's quality...

      Depends on what kind of achievements/game they are.

    Once a Chievo whore always a Chievo whore.

    Its not something you can just turn off.

    Although I'd say if you've managed to get every achievement there's every chance you've seen all the game has to offer... Minus replay value from online play of course.

    My boss just cracked 100,000 in his gamerscore by playing the most vile, horrible, rubbish games around.
    "Why are you playing King Kong?" I ask.
    "It has easy achievements, and I'm an achievement whore," comes the inevitable reply. I can't understand why an arbitrary number justifies not enjoying your play time - seriously, not at all.Then he makes the "I prefer gameplay over graphics" argument when I tell him to play Uncharted.
    Sometimes, I despair.

    I picked up king kong purely for the achievements, i got the achievements and was pleasantly surprised by how much i enjoyed the game. No doubt i'll get flamed for this but i put it up there as of the best movie/game tie in i've played.

      I had King Kong on the PC (so no achievements). I thought it was a great game, especially for a movie game. Unfortunately I had uninstall it before I could ever finish it due the horrid DRM it had (StarForce) that caused my DVD drive to stop working. The minute I uninstalled the game and reset, the drive worked. Damn Ubisoft!

    I never cared for achievements but trophies I used to try and get before I hacked my PS3, it is the only thing the PS3 has that is superior to the 360.

      I thought xbox had the acheivment thing before PSN trophies

        Im pretty sure that is the case, and how can the trophy system be better when all it is, is a PSN version of achievements and you get trophy whores on the PSN too. Achievement whore just seems to be the generic name for these people just like when people call vaccums hoovers instead of vaccum cleaners....

    Why is there a limit to achievement points per game anyway? I dont know

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