Is This The Star Of Assassin’s Creed III? [Update]

Is This The Star Of Assassin’s Creed III? [Update]

Well, this is interesting. A Best Buy employee just emailed us two images snapped from their employee news section. One shows that ubisoft will be unveiling Assassin’s Creed III on March 5, and that there’ll be pre-order bonuses to be had. Whatever.

The other is a shot of what they say is the game’s promotional art. Featuring what may well be Assassin’s Creed III’s star.

If this is legitimate, and remember, this is completely unconfirmed, it appears that the chatter placing the third game in the series in the American Revolution is spot-on. In the background is the original Continental flag, the Assassin is wearing an 18th-century military jacket and from his weaponry, jewellery and resemblance to actor Wes Studi he appears to be Native American. Especially when you consider that our source tells us that, out of shot, the Assassin is also carrying a tomahawk.

UPDATE: OK, we now have a bigger, better shot of the character below. Click to embiggen!

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3/1 UPDATE: Ubisoft has released official boxart that confirms the Revolutionary War setting. Game Informer Magazine has also revealed their cover story on the game, adding further confirmation.


    • It’s clearly going to be Red Dead Assassination. I am slightly disappointed it might be in plain ol’ Meurica.

  • While I can believe that this is true, I’m rather disappointed.

    People were talking up the possibility of US Civil War era and Victorian London. Both appeal far more to me than this.

    Then again, the series as a whole has stagnated with the annual release cycle. I won’t be rushing to buy this, regardless of where it is set.

    • London would be a great setting for Assassin’s Creed. Civil War era US? I don’t think the locations have as much depth =/

      We’ll see. (Agreed with series stagnating due to annual release cycle btw)

    • Yeah, same. From the very outset I was hoping that of all things it wouldn’t be set in Japan or America. The former because ninja are far overdone and the latter because we already have Desmond’s sections taking place in America, even if the time frame is different.

      Was really hoping for Victorian London as well.

          • yeah, but if you even watched/listened to the dialogue in the initial scenes of the first game, he was a bartender (from an american city which escapes me… detroit or something?) who was kidnapped and brought to abstergo – wherever that may have been. so desmond’s descendants may have come to the us and had a relationship with the native american in this article. either way, i reckon they could still state that without basing the conclusion of a good series on it. they couldve still explored his european lineage pre-america. i mean, im just scared i’ll see a game that resembles “gun” and having to use one on myself

    • American Revolution fits the themes of the game (think of all the conspiracy theories that stem from the fact that Washington was a highly-ranked Freemason) far better than the Civil War.

      I’m still disappointed if they go this route though. The whole stated point of the Assassin’s Creed games was to visit places and times which had never really been explored in video games. The Holy Land during the Crusades, Venice, Renaissance Rome, Constantinople, they’re all places we haven’t been in games before. American Revolution seems so pedestrian in comparison.

      • (spoilers)
        at the end of revelations when desmond wakes up he is on a plane to the states with his father and the rest of the team. Can’t remember if it’s in the game or the encyclopaedia made with the revelations preorder but its one of them. descends father is also the current mentor

    • Yes, obviously. Just from looking at this single poster, Ubisoft have clearly made a terrible game.

      …seriously, comments like yours just make me mad. I hope you’re being sarcastic or trolling or something. Otherwise, many facepalms to you sir.

  • Whatever region we’re in I just hope the storyline wraps as well. There very few definite endings in games these days.

  • I hope it’s fake. 18th century America doesn’t imply the type of cities you can have a great parkour game in. 18C Paris, yes. Japan, even though I don’t favour it for an AC game, yes. London, of course. But it wasn’t until the mid-late 19th century that American cities became recognisable (unless they use New Orleans, which has been overplayed somewhat in games).

  • God, I really hope this isn’t true.

    Who asked for the American Revolution? It’s boring and the setting is really not suited to Assassin’s Creed’s usual settings. Not really many tall, interesting buildings to climb and admire.

  • I don’t get the rage…

    I’m normally the first to slam a globally-targeted title for unnecessary and nauseating American flag-waving, but I personally find the imagery and period of the American Revolution to be some of the richest and most interesting within the last few hundred years.

    This should be a great game. 🙂

  • Those deriding the time frame need to do some historical research. Plantations, slavery, native americans, forests, townships… theres opportunity aplenty.

    Victorian london? Im sorry but that wouldn’t be a lot different to AC2 and Brotherhoods architecture. At least this way, its a totally new setting. When was the last time you had a third person adventure in this setting? Never?

    • My view is that if it’s not in a big city with huge tall buildings etc, then it will fail. A forest in an AC game? That would be boring as hell.

      Maybe if it was in Washington D.C…

      • …New York? Philadelphia? Charlestown? Boston?

        Again, do a little reading of the period. Plenty of battles were fought over some of the most populated regions of the US North-East.

      • 90% of the buildings in rome, constantinople, florence etc have been no taller than 2 stories tall other than an occasional spire or watchtower. An assassin doesnt need a giant city to hide. Clambering up a giant pine then swandiving onto an enemy below? leaping across tallships? chasing across town rooftops? high speed foot chases through cotton/cornfields and maybe a plain or two with bison?

        You guys are SHITTING me saying that has no potential right???

        • Quite the opposite – I think we’re in agreement. As I said, I love the period! I just don’t think many people (outside the US) really understand it, and assume that the 13 colonies were all forests and log cabins.

          I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a return to an almost AC1-style of story with the Assassins being a third party to a war between the Revolutionaries and the English …With the Templar no doubt having some kind evil conspiracy within the ranks of the red coats. I doubt the game would sell very well if Ubisoft dared to suggest that General Washington was a godless Templar!

          Nonetheless. Can’t wait.

        • No, I don’t think it has as much potential compared to the ones in Italy. It’s more than just tall buildings, it’s also the massive awesome churches and castle walls and that sort of thing. I might be asking a bit much for them to top the amazing world that was Venice, but I don’t see it being as great as AC2’s cities were.

  • eh wish they would just stop releasing them every year. They milking the hell out of the series and its ruining it at the same time..

    Havent played the last one because im really over the series atm

  • Awesome!

    I also read that the DLC for this will be playable SF4 T-hawk and Killer instincts Chief thunder.

    I think some thing set in Egypt would of been good, tie in some mummies and aliens building pyramids and we would of been sweet.

  • Yaknow… There hasn’t actually been a bad assassins creed game on consoles yet. Just saying. If you gave up on the series at bro hood or revelations, fine. I’ve been a closet skeptic for each one but so far they’ve outdone their respective predecessors in every way

  • I thought the idea was to set the games in places that don’t usually get seen. Sure the American revolution doesn’t appear in many games, but sometimes it seems like if a film can’t afford to shoot a WW2 film, they do the American revolution instead.

      • Well for one thing. What I enjoyed about AC series was it circumvented all the USA flag waving bullshit.

        Secondly this feels VERY out of place for the series. It seems many people commenting here agree.

        Glad you enjoy it though bro’. good for you.

          • How about this.

            You wait until there is actually SOME form of information other than a poster, and then you can start picking it apart.

            YOU’RE welcome.

  • History has always been vital to the AC series. I agree that there is alot of history to draw from during 1700 america. There was the 3 way war between Britan, France and the Indians

    Which was followed by the war of independence

    Muskets ahoy-hoy!

    As well as the developing colonial cities there may be a lead into aztec ruins in south america (Project Legacy).

    • Haha!! That’s a pisser! only if you must assassinate cyclists wearing those spandex suits, id be up for that!

  • Well technically they could still include London and or Paris, think how many of the founding fathers went back and forht between the US and London/Paris regularly. Maybe this assassin is from London and comes to the US training in the ways of the Native Americans in order to change the order once again. I have the strange feeling that the Brits might be Assassins in this game and the Revolutionaries might be the Templars.

  • Who’s to say that this is going to focus purely on America? The Templars are a world wide organization. Maybe the free masons in this case are Assassins? You can’t go raging about the time period until we have more details. There’s plenty you can do with America during the war of independance. The east coast of the states was built up. We could even jump to France/London if the conspiracy warrants it. Both had hands in the war.

    • How many of them ran around during the Renaissance?

      Seriously, American Revolution isn’t exactly “OHEMGEEYES” exciting, but it’s not nearly as bad an idea as everyone here seems to claim.

  • Ergh, whyyyyyyy… the whole crux of this series has been about running over the rooftops of ancient, distinct, exciting cities and getting immersed in the crowds, etc. Revolution era Boston was, really, a bit of a crap-hole all things considered. Can’t run over roofs when there’s only 3 buildings in a street.

    Unless this dude happens to, you know, make it to England to personally stab King George in the throat, I struggle to see how they can make this interesting. In comparison to Victorian London, or anything else, that is.

  • What… what’s he going to climb? Trees? Rocks? EMBANKMENTS? Boring.
    French Revolution would have been far more interesting.

    • Don’t get me started on how awesome the French Revolution would be. You’ve got the awesome buildings like the Bastille, all the huge events that could have been run by Templars, it would have been just perfect for an AC game. I sure hope they follow up on that in a future spinoff game.

  • Oy whingers. How about your wait for more details.

    Nah, negativity, wild speculation, bitching, moaning and trolling is much more fun.

    Baby boomers and Gen X’s parenting skills have clearly failed a lot of you gen Y whinging, me me me, nothing’s good enough, unappreciative arsehats.

    Whatever the game turns out to be, if you don’t like it, don’t buy it. Last time i checked there were a lot of games on the shelves now days.

    • @Brenton. Because they mostly are. I’m just going on averages.

      @Toasty. I was born in 75. And you don’t have to be a prude to get bored with whinging, unappreciative arsehats.

      • So don’t read them, what you’re suggesting otherwise is that people aren’t entitled to their opinion. So either respect it and deal with it, or don’t read them. Problem solved.

        Either way I’m allowed to whinge. Tough.

  • You know, it would be really interesting if they started shifting perspectives in the animus as this trilogy reaches its close.
    If this is the path they take, Desmond experiencing several lives instead of one avatar experiencing several cities, then they may be releasing several posters of diverse assasins with a similar stance, the american revolution being just one.

  • Gave up after Brotherhood. One cash in game I can forgive, but two back to back? No sale. Im tipping 3 will be released incomplete, with DLC offering new areas etc… Followed up by a cash in featuring the same assassin. Its such a pity, while the first game was only average 2 was brilliant. Love that game (I even forgave the missing chapter DLC bullshit at the time).

  • Just makes me think of those horrible, self appreciating national treasure movies where americans try to act like they have a rich history.

    I was thinking it could be set during the industrial revolution or victorian era something to that effect, a lot of scope for new weapons, transports, contraptions.

    Having said that i liked and finished #1 but got bored with #2 and really couldn’t be bothered with any of the others, just felt like i was being strung along with very little story to suffice. Still didn’t like the whole 2 time periods gimmick either, it barely had any use at all and made it felt like the games were being padded out.

  • Still reckon my prediction will be true. AC III = American war of independence. AC III.2 = Frend Revolution. AC III.3 = Napoleon. Could all fit very tightly into a lifetime.

    And Desmond as of end of Revelations is now in the US. Flew back while in Animus running around Constantinople.

    • Oh dude, I hope you’re right. That would change it completely. It makes a lot of sense too, what with how much the war of independence led to France’s problems.

  • This is cool but it does not make sense to me.

    If this is all legit then I would be a little bit confused. I always thought that Desmonds ancestors would all be around Europe. Stretching out to America seems a little bit unusual.

    Will be interested to see how it fits if it is true. Love the series so far!!

  • American Revolution is a far less controversial game to sell to Americans than the Civil War I’m guessing.

  • Nah, I reckon its fake. Doesn’t fit the art style of Assasins Creed – looks more like a copy of Red Dead Redemptions art style. And also, Assasins Creed 3 has a female as lead character, from what I remember.

  • I, for one, would prefer to have it set in the Australian outback, scones, crocodiles, and the occasional boxing kangaroo.
    Also, no hidden blades; dundee could never hide one of those knives…

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