It Takes A Pretty Big Boss Monster To Face Down Darksiders II's Death

In this adorably gory trailer for THQ's Darksiders II, our hero Death finally runs into a creature he can't take out with a single savage slash. We're going to need a bigger scythe.

Ah springtime, when young men and women's hearts are filled with Death and dismemberment. Darksiders II hits retail on June 26. Shortly after that gamers will face off against whatever the hell the gigantic thing in this video is — some sort of guardian or something.

Will Death survive the fight? Of course he will, it's his game. How? We'll have to wait for part two. Until then enjoy some seemingly unrelated screenshots.


    My body is ready for this.

    I'd be happy to support this nice hack and slash / rpg. But with the lack of support for the first one leaving several game breaking bugs in it. That has screwed up my saves twice now. I couldn't care less. Maybe when its $5 or something. I'll admit 1 and 2 look great... just =/

    I won't be getting this I've been on RPG overload; Amalur, ff13-2, me3, Dark Souls, Skyrim I think I'll stick to sports games and shooters for the time being.

      There's nothing RPG about Darksiders. It's a linear action game ala God of War.

    I read the title to this story, and thought the game had been cancelled for a second ...

    I played the last game and thought it was pretty good - visually great, but gameplay not so much. I hope this one does better - but who can resist the chance to play Death?

    Hey, Death can't block D:

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