It's Like Kickstarter... For LEGO!

Well, not really, but kinda. Since Minecraft got its own set, LEGO has this thing running where people can support new ideas for branded LEGO. If it gets 10,000 votes, LEGO take the idea to review. Any one interested in a Penny Arcade LEGO set, how about EVE Online?

The one with the most votes so far is the Back to the Future set, as you might expect. Although it's currently at 5000 votes, Apparently the LEGO team is already considering this, as a result of 2015 and the 30th anniversary of the original movie. Also — that's the time that Back to the Future II is set.

I'm trying to think what game franchises I'd like to see LEGO-fied. Any ideas?


    There are some great ideas floating around there.

    And whilst i LOVE Penny Arcade, the lego designs that the fan has made up are absolutely Abhorrent. Like SERIOUSLY ugly.

    I'm quite surpised you didn't mention the Zelda one, though :P

      Furthermore - this should totally go ahead!

        Yes, a lego western would be fantastic. I can already see myself playing with the set.

          Indeed. It has some great possibilities.
          ESPECIALLY if they made a John Wayne inspired char.
          *Waits for barrage of gay jokes before continuing*
          Or a Clint Eastwood Char... :D

            Indeed. Hopefully the can expand the set to include tepees, indian settlements and the wild frontier between towns. I would like it if I could create a state bit by bit if the sets were affordable enough.

              Sounds like you guys never saw the Lego Western sets they made a while back. It had indian camps, western cities and even a Lego Fort.


        Combin it with this set and I will be a happy guy. lol

      Not sure if you read the entire project page but the user does say and I quote:

      "Sadly I'm not a professional custom Lego designer so I'm limited to what I can do. The models you see here were made using Lego Digital Designer which has its limits. However if you are able to create any high detailed models, I'd be happy to use it to replace these with and give you credit. Just post a link in the comments so I'd be able to have a look."

      So rather than just whine, maybe you could help in some way?

        Lego Penny Arcade is honestly a TERRIBLE idea, imho.

        You might want to stable that high horse you've got there

    I'm still waiting for that Lego Halo video game...

      You won't get it because the halo sets are actually "Mega Blocks" - the vastly inferior lego rip-off that looks like arse

        Pirates of the Caribbean used to be with Mega Bloks.
        Yeah, that's right. It's actually spelled Bloks not Blocks. Google it for yourself. Did that just blow you're mind? :P

        Transformers is done by a rip off brand too :(

          The transformers block sets (i think they're called KREO) are actually pretty decent. They are not LEGO but U was able to build optimus, so I'm happy.

            Sorry I meant I was able to... Kotaku really needs an edit button.

        Blizzard has partnered with Mega Bloks too. Makes baby Jesus cry.

    "Since Minecraft got its own set, LEGO has this thing running where people can support new ideas for branded LEGO"

    Are you saying that this came after Minecraft LEGO?

    Screw you all.
    My suggestion is a big bucket 'o' lego.
    No theme, no pieces that can only be used to make one thing, just lots and lots of different types of bricks.

    ..... oh wait, that would help creativity and stop people needing to buy more and more useless junk that they assemble once and put back in the box.
    Silly me.

      well, this is true, iv hardly ever built anything that was remotely similar to the pictures on the box, but at least with this, i get ideas and new interesting parts to play with!

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