It's Official, SimCity Is Back

Sure, it was leaked all over the internet last week, but tonight at the Game Developers Conference, EA has made it official: SimCity is back.

The game, simply being labelled for now as SimCity (not SimCity 5), is being developed by Maxis, is due for the PC, and will be out in 2013.

EA says that the development team consists of many veterans from SimCity 2000 and SimCity 4. It will also - wait for it - feature curved roads. Yes.

We'll update with more as it comes in from the event.


    Curved Roads?



      Have you ever been to Hammerfell? They have curved roads. Curved. Roads.

        I admit I had to Google that, but deep down I already knew it was another Skyrim joke.

    It shows a change from the rigidly grid-based design of the previous iterations, so when they say "curved roads" that actually makes me pretty happy. I'm sure the ability to design in circles will give players more options when it comes to designing their cities - it worked for Canberra, didn't it?

      I think it works for Canberra because no one lives in Canberra.

      A grid layout is totes more efficient, in'it

        I live in Canberra, at least I think I do. Do I exist?

          I live in Sydney, and have spent a good chunk of time in Canberra and can promise you it works waaaay better. Sydney is shit-fight of roads going all over the place, constant congestion, confusing 'one way' streets and, above all, endless frustration. Canberra's 'circles' design means you can effectively drive around the city and enter the suburbs only when you're close to where you're going, rather than being forced down major arteries like Parramatta Rd to get anywhere. I much prefer Canberra's system which is fluid, easy to navigate, and modern.
          Even if the the place is hella-boring.

    Unless this features a fully reticulated spline engine, I'm not interested.

      Oh Please, we know Maxis - the inventors and innovators of the popular reticulated spline engine - would never throw away this star feature. I heard rumours of a 'dynamic' reticulated spline engine - 4 Dimensional spline reticulation? Or something more? You decide.

    This will make it easier for everyone to put their favourite city in the game - I know it's what I'll be doing with Mt Druitt.

    Dam i wanted another sim town instead

    I wouldn't mind giving simcity 2000 another go actually

    In POG form?

      Heh, usually Mark is the one that makes that joke.

    [Insert snide comment about EA and its insistence on Origin/DLC/punching babies]

    yes but is it going to be an fps?


    YES! So keen! Curved roads = win if it becomes reality.

    There won't be any curved roads when I play it. Curved roads are unnatural and any city that dares to have such nonsense will be struck down with furious anger.

      can i interest you in round roads then?

      we have plenty of them in Canberra... Round roads...

        There are many things I would do to Canberra, simply because of their roads. None of those things are pleasant.

          well wait, oh i dunno, 2 months, then do whatever you like, just so i can be far away and watch from the sidelines

      My city is just going to be a massive single-road spiral. That is the most efficient.

    They should make a new SimTower. I loved that game. Still excited for this though.

      SimAnt is where it's at.

        Simgolf? i know i've an ice blocks chance in hell of this getting done but still...

        tra la la la la la lahh

        I tired to play SimEarth once when I was younger. It made absolutely no sense to me, I doubt I could figure it out now. SimCopter, now that was an amusing game.

    Will there be multiplayer and kinect connectivity?! If not it is barely a game anymore and will fail horribly.

      Kinect support ey?

      you ARE the godzilla.... i see potential here

        I think you may have just found the one thing that would get me to plug my Kinect into anything.

          it's the whole you-can't-destroy-a-sandcastle-till-it's-built syndrome... and here's the kicker... we built it so you can take control of Godzilla and destroy OTHER people's virtual sand castles and leave them crying... MUHAHAHAHA...
          online bully << this guy...

        I was just joking but damn that's a great idea!

          you dropped the snowball, BUT YOU CAN'T STOP THE AVALANCHE!...

          seriously though, i think it's PETITION TIME! :P

    I cannot wait for this! It's been ages since I've played a proper city building game. If the name is anything to go by it looks like they're giving it a full reboot, which sounds awesome.


      10: FUNDS
      20: GOTO 10

      That'll teach the jerks for whining about high taxes. :P

    Awesome! I literally yelled out 'YES!' (I was really hoping the rumours were true) when I saw the topic of this post and now with curved roads and hopefully many more new features I am really excited for this.

    Now we just sit back and wait for the update that will clarify that SimCity is now an FPS.

      It would actually be pretty righteous if you could get in a vehicle and drive around the city GTA style. Oh wait, this has been done.

    No more Societies??? thanks god!!!

    Needs google maps intergration, select a city and let it build the road network for you :P

    Wait, due for PC?

    Nothing else mentioned?!? Specifically for PC!

    I only have two questions:

    Is it Origin Only?

    Is it designed as multiplayer and meant to screw over single player gamers like me?

      Just replying to myself as I just found out the details.

      Yes, it requires Orgin.

      Yes, it is Multiplayer online ONLY. You can't play offline at all. You can play single player but only on the server.

      So thanks but no thanks. I will go back to Simcity 4. Call me when they make a real simcity game.

    Think it will be built for MacOS X as well? It was a shame when I had to let go of SimCity 4 because I upgraded from PowerPC to Intel with LionX. :-(

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