It's The Patch PC Owners Deserve... And The Patch Batman: Arkham City Has Right Now

When Batman: Arkham City was released on PC late last year it had a few issues — game breaking issues — but now it seems as though Rocksteady has finally released the patch Arkham City, and its prospective players, deserve!

The Arkham City patch fixes the following issues...

— Occurrences of Save File Corruption — Achievement re-locking issues — Crossfire/SLI Issues — Graphical flickering — FPS improvements when running crossfire — Instances of 32 bit memory problems — Improvements to performance in cut scenes and death taunts — Error messages removed when patching the game and improved patching process

It's been a long time coming, but it looks as though the fixes have been successful across the board, and PC owners can now finally play Batman: Arkham City without the massive issues the had to deal with previously.

Thanks D.C.!


    I can't say that I had any issues with BAC PC other than its' release date and steam price in AUS (thankfully I was one of the few that got it at the proper price before valve was forced to double it due to pressure from aussie retailers.)

    Just on Steam right now, but apparently in the final stages of certification at Games for Windows Live.

    Unfortunately it still has that terrible bug where you need to use GFWL.

      Whats the differnce between GFWL and STEAM? I mean, really. The only big differnce is how they do what they do. They both do the same thing. They both do Frineds lists, Patching, sell you games. They do the same thing. Just differntly. I think people need to get over it. Same gose for Origin, and any other program hat dose the same as STEAM. I fond it funny that people did not see this sort if thing coming TBH.

        GFWL is a significantly worse experience than that of Steam. Additionally it doesn't handle patching the same as Steam, simply opting to download the patch when launching the game (similar to the Xbox). The market place is also a lot worse to navigate.

        People wouldn't be so annoyed with the service if it was just as good, but it's just not. It's not even in the same league.

          I love the idea of my Xbox and PC achievements being intergrated, but I hate pretty much every thing else about it. Good idea in theory, just needs some polishing damn it. :P

            Also to me it's basically unapologetically DRM, where Steam offers more to off-set this a little. (Still not a huge fan of digital distribution in general, though.)

          I like how you are asumming STEAM is good. Its not. The patching system sucks on STEAM, it haddles DLC like a patch witch is STUPIED, and then there is the way it some times randomly delets your game, or gose to patch it and re-downloads the whole thing.

          STEAM is just as bad as the rest of them. Its not better than the rest, its just the first. Thats it. Thats ALL it is, and untill people get that STEAM is not the greats thing in the world (Its not, incase your asking) then new ways of doing things are not going to happen. Everyone will just do what Steam dose, witch is what Orgin is doing.

          Personaly, I think we should be able to play the games with out any other software up at all. Ala, open STEAM, download game, close STEAM, play game with out STEAM opening or being used AT ALL other than a shop and downloader.

            you should take a breath and think for a moment..

            Have you even used GFWL?

            The biggest difference between steam and GFWL, is that i dont even notice steam is running after ive clicked "launch game".

            I purchased B:AC off green man gaming a few weeks ago. I had to "restart" the game twice in order to install GFWL, followed by not a single patch to get it up to date but several patches. It was a terrible experience.

            Now every time i want to play B:AC i have this terrible, awful GFWL GUI appear that requires me to log in every single time i play the game. With steam its, you login once (which you can set to do on startup anyway) and then after you run the game, you dont even notice it.

            As for the "STUPIED" patches, ive never had a problem patching a game on steam. I get good speeds for patching to, assuming ive set my patching server to somewhere located in australia.

              I have. And once GWL is loged in, I don't notice it eather.

              There all as bad as each other. I have used them ALL. I have over 200 games on Steam, I have 20 or so GFWL, and have been useing Origin sisn BF3.

              As someone who uses all of them, I have come to the concluiton that there all SHIT.

              However, there all shit, not becose of what they do, but becouse of why they where made.

              THERE ALL DRM SYSTEMS. ALL OF THEM. Saying one of them is differnt to the other is dumb. They all do the same shit. They try to stop you from copying games, and then throw so called benifits at you to try and help you keep useing it.

              STEAM and GFWL both have achivemnts. STEAM and Origin both let you buy and download games easly. STEAM, Origin and GFWL all make you use them to run the games.

              Thats all there is to it.

                Why is it that some people gripe about Steam, Origin, GFWL etc being DRM monsters, knowing full well that if you purchased a game on physical media you would need to keep the disc in the computer at all times, which is essentially the same thing except the optical drive is located elsewhere! (And is virtual... and not an optical drive...). Yes, I am discounting games without DRM, but that are a small but increasing percent.

                Yes, Steam et. al. is a form of DRM that may or may not let you play your games in the future if the services die etc, but it's similar to your physical disc being scratched and unplayable, sure you can get another disc (copied or otherwise), but in essence they are quite similar risks to take.

                They are more than just DRM providers though, they offer a chance for indi devs to reach a much larger audience, they streamline the process of PC gaming as much as possible (Steam for most part here). Sure, you can gripe as much as your want about DRM being the spawn of Satan and how much you hate it, and how shit the services are, although they can't be too bad if you have over 220 or so games through those same services you are raging on about. Sure you might say its a necessary evil, but if you really think they are shit and stupid, take your business else where, I'm sure EB would love your custom.

                  steam has already made plans for if they go bankrupt and you will be able to continue to play games. I'm not sure of the specifics but i remember Gabe talking about it.

            Wow all those issues eh? Never had a single one of them, infact never had an issue with Steam. You must be doing something wrong or ur pc is. i also dont care what Steam patches because data caps are so large now + mine are all free thanks to the servers Steam uses in Aus.

        You've obviously never used both otherwise you wouldn't be asking that. I don't have that much a problem with Origin (except for EA being total dicks about Steam), it needs a few improvements in a few places but it works. GFWL is an abortion. Broken, slow with an unforgivably poorly designed UI. I was stunned Rocksteady still went this fucking garbage AGAIN

          I frequently use GFWL, Steam and other platforms. I've never had ANY issues with GFWL.

        Well there's the whole thing where I purchase the game through Steam, yet I'm still required to install and run GFWL. The fact that it wouldn't let me save my game progress without being logged in and online with GFWL. The fact it needed to restart the game twice just to update itself (why it didn't come with the correct version in the first place is beyond me!).

        When I buy a game through a service, be it, Steam, Origin, or even GFWL, I should have to start up another service just to play the f'ing game. I've already purchased it using your DRM managed process, let me play the damn thing!

        The difference is that Steam fucking works.

    Weirdly enough, I had no problems with Arkham City on my PC. I was impressed by just how solid it was, except for a little chugging while going up Strange's tower towards the end of the game.

      I gather you dont have a direct x 11 card then?

        Yeah I had big issues after about an hour or so where the FPS would just bomb to unplayable. Might actually be able to enjoy it now.

        Ooh... no, my PC's pretty old. I guess that's the difference.

        Funny that it runs better on a 5-year-old PC than on recent ones.

    Because i activated my copy on another pc, i have to crack it now just to play it on my pc. GFWL is shit. Origin and Steam is the way.

      Really? I got my copy for christmas while I was on holidays. I activated it on 2 different PCs before I got home to actually play it on my own PC.

      I did make sure that I uninstalled it from both PCs. Maybe you need to do that in order to release the key.

    I had a go of the patched game last night and performance is significantly better. I can now run with all settings turned to 11 in 3D no less and its a flawless experience. I guess I should play the game now ><

    Uhh, it's been so long since I played the darn game, I can't really remember if I had any major issues with it. I remember there being issues with the game's performance but I think I managed to fix it somehow...that or just dealt with the crappy FPS...I think it was the latter. Yeh, I guess for me, this patch was a bit late. Oh well, at least it will make everyone else who is yet to play/still playing the game very happy.

    My pal who spent the last four months with the save game corruption bug will be pleased with this news

    So pc gamers deserve a patch to gameplay, but people can't deserve a change in story

      Do you like apples Someguy? ;)

        And oranges. While using what I said as an argument would be retarded; if you play a game for the gameplay and the gameplay sucks you get a patch, If you play a game for the story...

        Granted I only dislike the last 30 seconds of ME3, besides that I'm cool with it

          If you play a game for the gameplay and the game doesn't work, you get a patch. Gameplay (i.e. game mechanics) doesn't factor into it.

            Hey man, if you play a game because you want it to work you get it patched.

    What's the point of the patch? The game was good but despite the additions was still poorly crafted in comparison to AA.

    For that matter, where is the apology for flat out lying about the PC release delay?

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