Japan Doesn't Really Want An Assassin's Creed, Either

Wouldn't Japan made a great setting for Assassin's Creed? Beautiful cities, amazing weaponry, and, yes, ninja. The game's developers begs to differ, saying that Japan wouldn't make a good AC setting.

But what does Japan think? Japan, for the most part, agrees.

Sister site Kotaku Japan translated Kotaku's article, which detailed Ubisoft's reasons for not doing the game — which seemed to hinge on the sheer number of ninja games. Ubisoft obviously wants unique settings for AC.

The post made its way around Japanese blogs, such as Hachima and Oreteki. The two most common reason Japanese commenters gave for not wanting an Assassin's Creed set in Japan were that traditional Japanese buildings were not tall and that, well, ninja do not equal assassins. That isn't to say ninja didn't kill people (they did), but rather, ninja were spies, who were used to collect info.

According to one comment, "That's because ninja are not assassins..." Another wrote, "It's not a real ninja, but what foreigners think a ninja is, which is why they are unable to tell a ninja and an assassin apart."

"Ninja games that foreigners make are weird, so no thanks," wrote another commenter. "You guys are putting way too much emphasis on ninjas," quipped one commenter. "Foreigners don't even like ninjas that much."

A few did seem interested in an Assassin's Creed game set in Japan. "Make it during the end of the Edo Era," wrote one. And there were even a few off-topic requests for a Grand Theft Auto set in Tokyo.

Yet, there was also the evitable chorus of foreigners-cannot-understand-Japan. "Foreigners cannot reproduce Japan," wrote one comment. "It's because they lack a Japanese soul."

"There's no way they can understand Japan, so forget it," echoed another comment. "They'd probably skip the background research and end up with this odd, stereotypical version of Japan, so no thanks," added one comment.

Not everyone was so pessimistic. Wrote one, "It'd be interesting to see how foreigners portrayed Japan." It might be interesting, but it doesn't sound like developers of Assassin's Creed will be doing that any time soon.


    Interesting to see Japanese fans' opinions about that, I wonder what it is they think western devs are missing about ninjas?

    This obsession with a Japanese AC is so childish. The series could literally make an interesting fit during thousands of periods in history, that's the beauty of it. Yet instead, I've read multiple articles believing a Japanese AC would be a good thing, arguments promoted largely by aesthetic clich├ęs about mashing assassins with ninjas and samurais. Is this Power Rangers? God and we wonder why games are dumbed down or have trouble shaking off the children's tag at times.

      I'd rather it set in Ancient Egypt than Japan.

        Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't ACII (or ACII:B) highlight that there was an Egyptian assasin? (The AC wiki is blocked from work )

          Yes there was an Egyptian assassin in the tomb underneath ACII's villa.

      Probably the smartest thing i've read all day

    Is it possible for Japanese players to give their opinions without several xenophobic comments?

    They say we'll just "Westernise" Ninjas but the accuracy in the AC games has been pretty good. and they're not one to talk with the amount of Ninja games they've released.

      yeah Japanese culture has been fairly xenophobic for centuries, it doesn't surprise me to see the gamers being a punch of xenophobic morons. Oh? The west cant do Japan properly? Why? We wouldn't put enough Japanese schoolgirls, D cups and tentacles in it guys, clearly we just don't "understand". Last time I checked "the last samurai" was prob the best film pertaining to Japanese history. I've heard this same flaccid argument about the "Japanese soul" from coworkers pertaining to anime. It's total bullshit master race crap.

        Out of curiosity, are those co-workers Japanese or weaboos?

          haha they're top blokes but can be a little wapanese at times.

    It's like the Japanese have never played Total War Shogun ...Felt thats a pretty darn good representation of Japanese history... Unlike say " Ninja Gaiden " ....."Shinobi "....>"Tenchu " ?

      I think you're right there, but I don't have a Japanese soul so I can never be sure :P
      I agree with most of the comments in the article though.

      Except "Foreigners don't even like ninjas that much". Everyone knows that all foreigners like ninjas.

        I think you meant to say ALL FOREIGNERS LIKE NINJAS!!!!

          Ofcourse ! NINJA ARE PURE AWESOMENESS ! It's odd they say that, the largest ethnic groups training in Japan in Ninjutsu and Jujutsu are Westerners too ...

    I frequent Japan a lot and notice there is real disconnect between them and westerners in many things... Games is obviously a big one judging by the decline of Japanese developers ...It's a bit of Japanese snobbery to be honest .

    I don't think AC would work in a Japan setting. Fighting robots and AssCreed just don't fit.

    I'd still love to see it. Especially with an accurate representation of ninja. I maintain that the historical interaction between the British Empire and Japan from the arrival of William Adams onward would make a pretty decent AC story line. Lots of potential for Assassin v Templar political and actual sparring.

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