Japanese Newest RPG Hero Is Unemployed

Japanese Newest RPG Hero Is Unemployed

A strong innocent youth with a thirst for adventure, a soldier with a sense of duty and honour, an outcast warrior… The heroes of the fantasy RPGs of yesteryear have always been people of strong moral fibre and a will to stand up and fight. Now, game developer e-smile in their new game Ore-ni Hatarakette Iwaretemo (How Can You Ask Me to Work) brings us the hero of modern Japan: a NEET.

What is a NEET? NEET is an acronym for “Not in Education, Employment or Training”. It was coined as a label for young people out of school and unemployed who aren’t seeking work. Originally a term used in the United Kingdom, NEET became frequently used in Japan to address the problem of a growing population of young adults who seemed to show no interest in seeking employment. The term has now become a part of everyday social life in Japan. The current number of Japanese young adults who are categorized as NEET is estimated at around 600,000 people. (.4% of the total population)

The new game features a young man living off his parents, who is suddenly put in a bind when his parents die, and he is forced to find some way to pay his rent. Rather than seek his fortune in the outside world, he decides to make his living by finding adventurers to explore dark dungeons for him so he won’t have to leave the comfort of his own home.

Armored warriors and spirited youths thrust into adventure used to dominate the Fantasy RPG protagonist roster… Now we have the hero of modern Japan: a NEET.

The game is scheduled for release on the PSP as a download only title on March 22.

俺に働けって言われても [ファミ通 via DSPSP初心者講座]


  • A parasite is desirable to play as, how? I’m not employed (but AM in training), and I’m *desperate* to be able to rely on my own means. This character? I mean, yeah, Japan has draconian rules about who’s allowed to even try to get jobs, but to just stop caring… sad, and infuriating. Why the hell is this being called a “hero”?

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