Jinx Supplies Both Sides Of The The Old Republic War With Fresh T-Shirts

Quick, what class do you play in Star Wars: The Old Republic? What faction? If it took you a moment to answer, you could probably do with one of Jinx's new line of SWTOR-inspired chest coverings.

So one of the guys I know at Jinx emails me the other day and asks me if I play Star Wars: The Old Republic. I casually answer that I have an account and would love to be more active, but haven't really had the time to play lately. Then I go about my business. Maybe I scratched myself; I don't know, that happens a lot.

And then today, bam! — licensed SWTOR gear, featuring the classes and factions of BioWare's massively multiplayer online role-playing game.

You know what these would be great for? A Star Wars: The Old Republic live-action role-playing game. Players could just put a felt circle over the advance class they choose, and then do whatever it is LARPers do these days, like scaring the normal folks at Denny's.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Tees [Jinx]


    lol these tshirts really highlight one of the dumb things in this game... each class has an icon... but the game doesn't really TELL you which one is yours. You have to walk around and figure it yourself, when you get to the fleet you have to look at all the vendors and then figure out which icon goes with what classes' goods...

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