Journey Developer: “We Were Lucky”

Journey Developer: “We Were Lucky”

Journey developer, Jenova Chen, says ThatGameCompany were lucky to have signed a publishing deal with Sony when they did, because they may not have had the opportunity to make games like Flow and Flower with another publisher.

Chen says that it was a mix of luck and timing that saw ThatGameCompany sign a three-game deal with Sony for the launch of the PlayStation 3.

Speaking with, Chen says the studio was lucky that they pitched their ideas at a time when no one else was developing anything for the PlayStation network.

“When we signed the contract the PlayStation was due to launch in four months, so they were in dire need for content,” he says.

“When we pitched Flower I didn’t really know what the game was,” he admits.

“I just said ‘hey, we want to make a game that is about feeling of being in love to others.’ Sony’s publisher side was actually crazy enough to sign that.”

Chen says that if he had tried to pitch the game to someone else under different circumstances, “I would be killed.”

Journey represents the third and final game in the deal that was signed with Sony. Chen declined to comment on whether ThatGameCompany would continue to work exclusively with Sony.



  • I haven’t played Journey yet, but this reminds me that I probably should while I wait for a character import patch for ME3. Certainly spiffy lookin’, that’s for sure.

  • I heard so much about Journey. Pity I don’t have a PS3 to play it. From my knowledge of how people think about it, it would make a killing being sold on such a platform like Steam.

  • I’m very disappointed by the general lack of appreciation for the gambles Sony they made this gen. Most companies would have turtled up in their position, gone with what was safe. Not Sony, they went for it and we have some amazing games, true master pieces. They have actually moved the industry forward, not in just a tech perspective, but what we expect a game can be, much like they did with the PS1.

  • All this talk is getting me closer & closer to picking up Journey. I really don’t need to make my backlog any bigger, but…

  • The instant I can get my PS3 to a hardwired internet connection, I’m getting Journey. I simply can’t wait to play this game.

  • Played it through yesterday. Nice little game, looks amazing and plays well. But, frankly, it’s a little over-rated. Not the game’s fault, but all this lavish praise is a little over the top, and it just doesn’t deserve it. I saw someone yesterday claiming it should be named Game Of The Year, which is just ridiculous.

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