Kingdoms Of Amalur DLC To Add Fates, Estates, And Pirates

Kingdoms Of Amalur DLC To Add Fates, Estates, And Pirates

The first major DLC addition for Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is due in March, and it has pirates.

“The Legend of Dead Kel” himself is the core of the new content, but the DLC promises to add a rather significant expansion onto the base game, providing a whole new northern island area — Gallows End — with quests, characters, and dungeons galore. Also added will be new player housing, Gravehal Keep, featuring an entire estate with even more quest-givers and perks built in. All told, EA claims that the explorable world of Amaulr will grow by 15%.

The Kotaku review found favour with Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning and if there was any complaint about the game’s scope and size, it was that Amalur was too big, rather than too small. Still, it’s hard to go wrong adding even more areas to an already expansive game’s world. Especially when there are pirates involved.

“The Legend of Dead Kel” will be available for download on March 20, for 800 Microsoft Points or $US9.99 on PSN, Origin, and Steam.

The Legend of Dead Kel [Kingdoms of Amalur: Reconing Official Site]


  • This is nice and all but I hope it’s actually hard. Game is way to damn easy. I got my 5 yr old nephew playing it on the 360 and it took him quite a long time to even die. And that was on traps. Just like me funny enough.

  • Even more reason to wait on buying this this now. Tired of buying games that are incomplete. They now even have the nerve to later sell the other editions as “complete” editions. If Im buying half a product then expect half as much money.

  • Yeah I agree if they listened to most of the criticism of the game EA would make a small dungeon DLC with some a bunch of bosses that are actually challenging so you use the combat system to its full capability…. or write so decent dialogue.

  • So excited! Love this game for its laid back nature. its not perfect but enjoyable and something you don’t end up pulling your hair out because you keep dying in the same place over and over. tbh i felt it could be bigger but not linear like the eastern continent was. i little more branching out would be great! and how can you go wrong with the new keep? Skyrim doesn’t even give you a keep to run around in!

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