Konami Dares You To Pick Fox Engine From Reality

Konami Dares You To Pick Fox Engine From Reality

Graphics engines have gotten quite powerful, to the point that they can render wide-open spaces, far-off worlds, and incredible alien races. But can they re-create… a meeting room?

Yes, apparently. Konami and Kojima Productions have posted an “Is it live or is it memorex?”-style challenge asking people to try to tell the difference between their Fox engine and reality.

The image above gives a sense of how good the engine looks, at least at a glance — the computer-generated image is a bit sharper than the photograph, but the fact that it comes that close is still remarkable.

Those chairs look like they offer pretty good lumbar-support. The question now is, how easy will it be to slither under the table in the middle of the room, and are there any boxes handy for hiding?

Is it Real, or is it “FOX?” [Official page via adriasang]


      • Steady on there big chief. If you could be any more patronising I think you might explode.

        It’s by no means perfect, but to call it “obvious” is an overstatement and you know it. Do people a favour and keep that condescension in check.

  • I could tell almost straight away that the FOX one was on the right, but it’s still very impressive. The chairs are a dead give away though, as are the lack of reflections on the paintings and the weird, jaggy shadows. Still, if this kind of graphics tech is going into MGS5, so much the better!

  • While I looked at the posters first to tell the difference, it is the chairs that made me certain. The backs of the red chairs are much more complicated IRL.

  • Remember that this is with small still shots of inanimate objects. Moving images are a whole different ball game.

    • Well aware of that, but the light sourcing, geometry and shading is far and away better than anything I’ve seen at this point even on pc.

      • Then you haven’t followed changes in the graphics industry for quite a while. These images are actually pretty meh considering they’re stills. They’ve picked an environment that is ridiculously easy to replicate and haven’t even tried to copy it exactly or even offer proper HD image comparisons.

        It’s the kid’s fridge drawing equivalent of graphics tech.

  • I could call it straight away that it was on the one on the right.

    Look at the fabric on the top of the chairs, the one on the left (real) they have a natural fabric edge.

    The one of the right (FOX) all the top of the chairs almost have perfectly straight edges.

  • Very nice graphics, but it’s only still images and small, not particularly clear images. So consider me skeptical.

  • They’re getting closer to more accurate lighting but there are still some dead giveaways, such as the lack of reflections on the glass covering the posters, the fact that not all the posters have dulled colours from general reflections of the surrounding objects (a couple are very bright and sharp) and the light fittings have none of the glare or lighting of the real photo.

  • I could call it very quickly, but I suppose that the point that they’re trying to make is that it’s not obvious at the very first glance which is which. You have to go looking for some details before you can reach the conclusion, which then becomes obvious.

    It’s really quite impressive. It holds up very well when put side-by-side a real-life image.

  • The table in the top right pic looks like complete shit compared to the left. Hows that for a dead give away.

  • Bottom right has no wall seams. Bottom left does.

    Kind of feel sorry for the team with how many differences we’re picking up.

  • This is awkward, I was about to comment: “The left is clearly fake” but seems I was wrong! That says something!

  • While the real life images are the ones on the left, the fox engine images are impressive in their own right – very realistic
    I wonder if it uses a proper global illumination solution.. the realism could be thrown right out the window if say a chair moves and the lighting doesnt update with it..

  • Actually both are simulacrums. Reality is the bit outside the monitor you are viewing both pictures on. Worked that out right away!

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