Lady Gaga's Piano Dive Was No Accident

When performing artist Lady Gaga fell off her flaming piano during a concert last month in Houston, Texas, the media were far too willing to accept that it was a mere slip. Here's what really happened.

Obviously faked; knocking down Lady Gaga is an instant three-star level score.

Angry Gaga [2 Bad 2 B Free via Dueling Analogs]


    Yesterdays Reddit is today's news...

    I don't normally criticise these non substance articles from Kotaku US because every news site needs a little fluff, but... really?

    She cant play piano anyway, perhaps the piano had enough & got a little payback?
    And why us this a headline on kotaku? Lol

    Quick everybody, go read through every single new post on reddit, just so you can be a hipster douche bag and tell everybody they're reposting.

    I wouldn't have seen it if Mike hadn't posted it, it's hilarious.

    A good article at the very very least -

    Makes you laugh


    Makes for an interesting read

    I will admit however, a lot of stuff on kotaku barely meets that criteria these days.

    At least animated gifs are getting better in quality.

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