Last Chance To Register For Molyjam Sydney

Molyjam — the 48-hour game-making competition based on the ideas of parody Twitter account Peter Molydeux — kicks off around the world tomorrow evening. If you're in Sydney and want to participate or just be there when it all happens, you should register for a free ticket right now.

Molyjam Sydney will take place at the University of NSW's Kensington campus with sponsorship from Blackberry. In order to gain access to the event, visitors will need to download and print out a free ticket from the event page. This ticket will allow participants to come and go as they please. Participants who are students at the University of NSW should also note that they will need to print a ticket because this is not an official UNSW event.

The "purchase" of a free ticket will grant participants access to the venue for 48-hours and temporary licenses for game-building tools like Unity.

Participants don't have to be game developers or have any experience with making games. Everyone is encouraged to come along to join a team or use easy-to-learn software to make a game.

Attendees should bring a sleeping bag if they intend on staying overnight, laptops, headphones, hard drives, and any other tools required for making games. Furniture is supplied. The university will be providing minimal catering but there are eateries around the university where attendees can purchase food.

Blackberry is providing Playbook tablets as prizes for Molyjam Sydney. We recommend checking the Facebook page to stay up-to-date on the jam.

Good luck to all participants!


WHERE? The Galleries, Scientia Building, The University of New South Wales (Kensington Campus) - Nearest Entrace: Gate 11 (Botany St) WHEN? Friday, March 30 at 6pm - Sunday, April 1 at 9pm COST? Free! INTERNETS? Get a ticket here. Visit the Facebook page here.


    Don't forget the Melbourne one!


    Wish I was still at UNSW (graduated a couple years back). Would have loved to have dropped by after class to see what was happening. Too much of a hassle to go now.

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