Laugh Through 16 Minutes Of This Bubsy Collection Review

Have you ever played a Bubsy game? If you have, you're undoubtedly familiar with the lacklustre controls and odd bobcat mascot who talks... a little too much.

If you haven't, JonTron is here to warn you to keep it that way. Leave your 90s gaming memories untarnished by this platformer.

I wouldn't normally recommend 16-minute long videos. Unless they're worth it. This one is worth it. With a line like, "No, whatever. You're right. I forgot that gumball machines are the cause of 200K deaths a year," how can you not laugh? JonTron takes a look at the (hilariously terrible) Bubsy Games [Reddit]


    Yup, JonTron is funny.

      I cringe at how badly he treats his SNES. haha
      And is he trying to do an egoraptor style review?

    i hate you tina

    Bubsy was awesome. If he loves mario and donkey kong so much, maybe he should play that instead.

    I dont understand the hate for Bubsy? I loved it as a kid...and not in a disillusioned way either. I had all the best platformers on the SNES but Bubsy still got played regularly. The best part was finding the secret paths...even if they did take you back to the start.

      agreed - never saw Bubsy as a replacement for sonic/mario/donkey kong/whathaveyou, it was one of many great platformers of the day.

    16mins of laughs huh. Can’t even say that the corner of my mouth twitched in amusement.
    And the fact that ppl think 3mths is enough time to completely over-haul a product, it's just so... urgh stupid ><

    I loved Bubsy and hated it at the same time. I hated because it was so hard and i was never able to finish on my megadrive 2. loved the level design and enemies.

    Looks pretty shit. I can't believe they thought that B3D was a good idea..

    Just want to nit-pick here, but he didn't die by fall damage at 03:50. . . however it's irrelivant because if I remember correctly Bubsy did have fall damage. . .

    I have to say back in the day I loved Bubsy. I think it was the music in the 1st one that really made the game. Love the story, laughed my ass off at Bubsy 3D, hilarious. Well done Tina!!

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