Lay Down Your Guns, Nintendo, Sega & Atari

It's The Good, The Bad & The Ugly, re-enacted by 1980s video game light guns. I'll leave you to decide which is which. [via OMG Barry, via VGJunk]


    i hate you luke

    You're trolling right?

    I mean I never complain about people posting inane shit on this site, but if i'm going to waste my works bandwidth on a website, i'd like it to provide SOME content.

      the quicker you realise this is a blog and not a gaming news website the better

    Cry more. I didn't even realise Sega did a light gun, it's a pretty cool pic.

    Sega had a million light guns.

    I hate that the only light gun in my Nintendo collection is my NES Zapper. Light guns are the best thing ever.

    There really should have been one on GameCube. The damn thing had everything else.

    Nintendo had duck hunt so that mean its clint eastwood and clint won that gun fight.

    Regardless of the complaining, this image brought back memories.

    Would people believe me if I said out of those three consoles, the only one I owned was the Atari XE?

      Why the f**k wouldn't we believe you...?

      Are people STILL fighting over old ancient shitty consoles of the 1980's? Besides Mario Bros., games where pretty crappy until the Super Nintendo and MegaDrive came out.

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