League Of Legends Is The New StarCraft In Korea

League Of Legends Is The New StarCraft In Korea

I guess Koreans are finally starting to get sick of StarCraft II and Fifa Online 2, because League of Legends (LoL) has made its way to the top spot in e-sports tournaments, replacing StarCraft II. Professional broadcasters as well as sponsors are now supporting LoL, which may be an effort to improve stagnating expansion of e-sports.

Korean cable television company, Ongamenet (OGN), showed its support by becoming an official sponsor at the Yongsan e-sports stadium. Starting March 21, OGN will show live, twice weekly broadcasts of League of Legends tournaments with 16 participating teams from Korea, USA, and Europe. The winning prize money of these tournaments will be 2 billion won (about US$ 1.8 million).

Honestly, I have to say this is great news, if only to dispel the stereotype that if you’re Korean and you like video games, you must play Starcraft. Starcraft isn’t some kind of digital kimchi on which Korean gamers subsist. I’ve never beaten the original Starcraft, which seems to amuse some people. Then, I say I’m Korean-American, and they realise I was being serious.

League of Legends Number 1 e-sport [Ruliweb]


      • HoN, Dota and *can’t remember the one on impulse’ name* are all much slower more conservative game designs when compared to LoL, how often do you get insta jibbed in Dota as compared to LoL?

        • I think you might be talking past each other, I find LoL ‘fights’ to be over quicker, but the overall pace of the game to be a lot slower than Dota.

      • I think JPhil has played other Moba’s and as a result knows that LoL is the fastest. Denieing is a stupid part of the DotA lineage that has made LoL far more PVP oriented the entire game instead of only in the last 15% of the game.

  • I wonder if Dota 2 will challenge it… I’ve been playing the Dota 2 beta, and the game really encourages steamrolling, the losing team is penalised for death for example, while the winning team gets a bonus, and the difference is huge. I’ve played 100 games and only 3 have had turn around victories, with all the others you could tell the winner at the 10min mark.

    I think SC2 will reclaim the top spot soon though, with Heart of the Swarm coming out, and it’s changing multiplayer too.

    • Starcraft 2 hasn’t even overtaken the original Starcraft. And it probably never will. The only thing that’d ever make it take off in South Korea is if a) televising fees were cut or b) Blizzard got bought out by a domestic company.

      It ALL comes down to money. Heck, the entire reason e-sports is a thing in South Korea is a perfect storm of a weak currency, mass unemployment (gamers and new business owners), a spirit of entreprenuership (by mimicry), high costs of television production and high costs of offshore television syndication post the 1997 Japanese market collapse. Starcraft was the pick of the bunch because it wasn’t Japanese.

    • Well, considering that much the Season 2 prize pool announced by riot has already been distributed among other events, I’d say not that much.

  • Problem with Starcraft is Starcraft 2 exists. And the problem with Starcraft 2 is that Blizzard, after sticking entire months of extra work into it specifically for the sake of South Korea, expects money for their work. And Korean TV doesn’t want to pay non-Koreans a dime.

    Sidestep. Solution.

  • Just like to question where you got this info from because everywhere else I look the prize pool is only 200million won not 2billion.

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