Leaked Pics Show Sprawling, Gorgeous SimCity 5

A set of seven leaked images assumed to be concept art for SimCity 5 have surfaced today, along with rumours indicating that the game is 30% of the way through development, and will be released in 2013.

Users at NeoGAF have posted the images as well as a translation from a print edition of German magazine Gamestar, the full text of which, along with the images, appears on a Spanish-language site.

Loosely and imperfectly translated, the details seem to indicate players can look for an increasing level of complexity, detail, and personalisation from the next entry in the franchise, as well as more connection to the online, multiplayer sphere. Regions built from multiple players' cities can be susceptible to, for example, fluctuations in the cost of necessary commodities like coal.

Beyond the classic interactions with graphs, metrics, and city councillors, they appear to be introducing a more human element. If unemployment in a Sim City is too high, public parks might fill with homeless. When building infrastructure, construction workers actually appear to do the building. Citizens go shopping, to school, or to work.

Fans have been speculating for a few days now that the "Game Changers" announcement EA is teasing for next week, during GDC, will end up being SimCity 5.

We are reaching out to EA for comment and will update the story with any response.

SimCity 5: Reportaje de GameStar + 7 imágenes [Rincón del Simmer, via NeoGAF]


    These are screenshots? They look more like concept art to me.

      Well, it does say that it's concept art in the first sentence :P


    Thank heavens they're stopping the previous string of crap watered-down city sims...

    Insanely pretty art direction, probably for the best not to try and go photorealistic and have a slightly stylized look. I can't wait!

      Totally agreed, stylised is definitely the way to go. Hopefully the final game ends up looking like this concept art.

      Can't wait to see more.

    cant wait, I love the sim city franchise, and completely failing and resorting to cheats to fund my debt riddled government. Hey building a subway system for my small town was a good idea right?

    I don't know if I like the stylized art style.
    I mean, look at Sim City 4. The detail in this is just amazing.

      If it's fully 3D though like the article suggests, might look a little soulless if they tried to go all out photorealistic. Great screenshot, though. Forgot how pretty the fourth game was.

        Keep in mind that shot is full of mods lol


    SC fan since I was a kid, this will be great!

    Immediately searching to buy and download SC4...

    I'm still playing Sim City 4 every now and then.

      Light weight! You should be playing SC2000!

      By the way, I'm just kidding. I play 3000 from time to time, but I can't play 4 as it does not like multiprocessor systems, :(

      Graphics distort after a while, etc.

    I like the tilt-shift effect, they should definitely keep that in the final product.

    I want the Stylised version rather than photo real. In fact, get together with Take 2 /2K and bring me Sim Rapture and Sim Infinite, I love me a stylised City.

    I'm more interested in what new mechanics there would be to the game.

    i.e. Real city's look different to each other depending on what building material resource is readily available. Real city's also might have to endure war/battles from time to time. Climate zone?

    I think I still miss playing Transport Tycoon more than the Sim City's.

    I would love for this to take on so many complexities of the real world, that online updates will let you run trial political agendas.


    Increasing complexity? The reason I prefer 2000 and 3000 over 4 is because 4 was too complex.

    I ddn't like SIm CIty 4 because of its connection to multiplayer. Call me old fashioned by I just was a large area to build my city and let it connect to other AI cities (like in 2000) that I don't have to worry about.

    F yes! I've recently being getting back into SC4. With it's awesome modding community it's still very enjoyable.
    This is still very exciting news though!

    Curiously two of the shots feature the same logo on different buildings, Coal Enterprises. Perhaps corporate presence will be a feature this time around

    F**K YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Please god let me fly around the city a la SimCopter...

    Epic win for pc gamers, cannot wait. Very nice concept art too!

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