Leaked Promo Trailer Says Forza Horizon Arrives This Spring

There's no gameplay in this trailer, it's just a teaser for Forza Horizon, the next entry in the Xbox 360-exclusive driving title. But it does say the game will arrive this spring, which I suppose is to be expected. Word has it the formal announcement will be made on Monday.

If the trailer is taken down from YouTube, you can see it through this embed via Gaming Everything.

Forza Horizon trailer leaks, game out this falle [Gaming Everything. h/t Sgt.LulzJager]


    What is it? A cruising simulator?

      Test Drive Unlimited with Forza physics + not developed by shitty TDU developers = shutupandtakemymoney.jpeg

        You mean Atari? They were good once, had a t-shirt and all...

    looks fake

      Yeah if this teaser is real then it appears to actually be trying to be fake even.

    A forza game where you cruise cross country? I could *totally* be into that :D

    Gumball Esque simulator maybe?

    The clip features Porsche cars, does this mean EA and Turn10 have an agreement?

    Wouldn't the "credits" slide suggest it is a fake and maybe some sort of student project?

    It doesn't seem real. It looks like a school project. If it is real however, It'd be amazing if it turned out to be like Test Drive Unlimited 2! That game gets way too much hate. It was one of my favourite games of last year.

    Hopefully it doesn't turn out anything like NFS: The run :l

    If it is real then im all for it but i kinda doubt it becouse Turn 10 isnt even allowed to use Porshes in their games.

    A few days ago Forza struck a deal with the others involved.

    Forza Horizon is real, I'm surprised Kotaku is so behind when one of their sister sites had this days ago.

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