Let These Screenshots Tease You With The Sex And Power Of Dishonored's Alternate Reality

We already know from previous glimpses at Dishonored that Arkane Studios' upcoming game have shown that there's going to be swordplay and stealth. Now you can add sexy times to that list too.

The first-person adventure takes place in a weird alternate reality where the nearly submerged world is ruled by an island empire that runs off of a whale blubber economy. Like I said, weird. But not that bad on the eyes. Aside from ladies of the night, the screens show off some combat, surveillance and a broader hint at the kind of society that you'll be walking into in Dishonored. The sense of mystery generated by these visuals definitely pique my interest. C'mon, Bethesda, let's hear a release date already.


    Now that's a moustache.
    Also I really like the design of those epic stilt archers.

    This looks and sounds fantastic...until I read Bethesda. Please let them pull this off.

      Yes, because publisher = developer, right?

      Idiot. Learn to read. The article specifically says the developing studio. IN THE VERY FIRST LINE!

        He IS referring to the publisher - outside of Bethesda-developed games, they don't have a good record. i.e. Hunted: The Demon's Forge, Fallout: NV (bugs) and Rogue Warrior.

          Thank you for being intelligent enough to make the connection, AlphaOmega.

    Looks like a world I'd happily spend some hours in. This just went from one to watch, to one to watch even closer. :P

    *while reading* Hey this looks pretty goo-
    *Reads the word Bethesda then sighs, reaching for the Mortein* ... guess I better be ready for this :P

    I thought Bethesda were just publishing this. This has as much to do with Bethesda as Rage did.

      So you're saying it wont be as buggy as Skyrim, it will only be as buggy as Rage.

    I cannot believe we still live in a world where people cannot distinguish between developers and publishers

      Well, to be fair, even though the target was wrong, I think their worries aren't entirely unwarranted. The only game that Arkane has designed by themselves was Dark Messiah, and that wasn't really a worldbeater by any stretch. They did some design work on BioShock 2, but they haven't released anything since being acquired by Zenimax (the company who owns Bethesda), so I think the standard of Bethesda games (which I personally love) is the best to pre-judge Arkane's game on.

      As for the complaints themselves, they ARE stupid. Bethesda games never have (and hopefully never will be) designed primarily for consoles, that is what makes them great. They have a bazillion PC-only features. Anyone with an understanding of how games work can edit the .ini files to avoid many bugs, and certainly the game-breaking ones (which I have found in my experience to be largely hardware compatability problems, and quite easily rectifiable). I currently have FO3 running pretty stable with high-res textures, large address awareness, as well as a multitude of other mods. Add to that that FO3 never really played nice with Windows 7 (more due to multicore processors than W7 itself) to start with. It's even easier to get the more recent Bethesda published games to run stable. Criticism entirely unwarranted.

        Rereading it, this post may seem to contradict itself, but it does not. I'm saying that the best way to pre-judge this game is by comparing it to previous Bethesda releases. If you find that to be a bad thing, then of course that would explain the criticism. I personally see Bethesda releases as an extremely positive thing, that's why I argue that the criticism is unwarranted.

    is this the game with the artist from half life 2?


        Some reason last picture made me think Half Life

    These are old pictures? I saw them a few months ago.

    I don't know when this game is coming out, but Nvidia have already released a SLI profile for it, so unless it's releasing a demo, it can't be that far off.

    Archers on stilts seems counter productive.

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