Looks Like There Might’ve Been A Rampage Reboot For Kinect In Development

Looks Like There Might’ve Been A Rampage Reboot For Kinect In Development

Remember Rampage? The old-school arcade hit let players control giant monsters that unleashed havoc all over fictional cities, most memorably by climbing buildings and punching them into rubble.

When Warner Brothers acquired Midway after the publisher declared bankruptcy a few years ago, it also got the company’s intellectual property portfolio, which included Rampage. It’s been ages since gamers have been able been play as Ralph, George or Lizzie, with Rampage: Total Destruction for the Wii showing up as the last title in the series in 2006.

But the monsters of Rampage haven’t entirely been forgotten. The website of graphics artist Andrew Baker shows off designs for an apparent reboot of the monster destruction franchise. On other pages of his site, Baker refers to Rampage as a Kinect title. According to the Games Credits and Resume pages on his site, Baker’s worked on other Midway titles and Warner Bros, lending credence to the idea that the idea that this was a game that was actually in development.

Rampage is described as an unreleased prototype, which could mean that it’s been cancelled entirely or might still see the light of day. That said, a downloadable Rampage game with gestural controls could be a fun iteration of the franchise. Guess we’ll never know.

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  • If it will be anything like War Of The Monsters yes but if it is Kinect ONLY then NO.

    They should do a War Of The Monsters remake multiplaform that would be awesome

  • “Looks Like There Might’ve Been A Rampage Reboot”
    Yay! 😀
    “..For Kinect In Development ”
    NOOOOOOoo… :<

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