Looks Like These Are More Doom 4 Images

Yesterday, a grip of alleged Doom 4 screenshots surfaced on the internet, depicting earth being torn apart by the forces of hell.

Today, more images turned up over at allgamesbeta.com. The images are unconfirmed, but show some of the character models from the game, as well as a building that's been eaten and something labelled as a "nest" growing in an underpass. (It's not clear who labelled the file "nest", so it could well be something else.)

There are 170 images in all, including the ones we ran yesterday.

Doom 4 more Leaked Images [Allgamesbeta.com]


    After the abomination that was Rage I have little faith in Doom 4.

      I agree with you on this,

      However, if Doom 4 was simply Doom 1 and 2 with HD graphics, extra weapons and levels but kept the same gamepaly. I'd snap that up

        Like this?


    Again, these are probably just concept pictures and not final models.

    I still have high hopes for Doom 4, its being developed by a different team then the one that developed Rage and John Carmack said in an interview ages ago that Doom 4 would look and run better then Rage.

    You can really say that Rage was just an id Tech 5 tech demo and got a major case of consoleitis, The uncompressed build of Rage was well over a terabyte in size and they had to cut a major part of it so it could run on consoles.

    I always wondered how the dude carried so much shotty ammo in doom, looks like that vest is the answer.

      Ha, as soon as I saw that I thought the same thing.

      That, and Vanguard Commander Shepard could take notes from that guy...taking 10 shells on a mission!

    Someones gonna get fired...

    Rage an abomination? How so? It wasn't as big as Fallout but no one said it would be. It didn't have much of a story but id games never have. It was a 10 hour shooter with decent mechanics and pretty graphics. Nothing more but certainly nothing less. Is there nothing that is just mediocre or disappointing anymore? Can people really not objectively evaluate anything so it is not immediately the worst thing ever or the greatest thing ever?

    Doom 4, probably the worst thing ever though.

      Agreed. But it is the internet. And people like to whine and bitch as if the world, developers, the girl next door and the friggin' pope owes them a living.

      Meanwhile, the rest of us can just enjoy things we like, quietly dislike things we don't and generally enjoy life. I enjoyed Rage, and I thought it was pretty.

    Unless it's on Mars with a nameless Marine it's not Doom. After the Rage fiasco I think iD are in a spout of soul searching.

      Did you play Doom II?

        Did Subby play Doom, Doom II, or Final Doom? Survey says no. None of those were set on Mars.

          Ah! You are correct sir!

          Actually your wrong, Doom was set on mars, in a military base, and then doom 2 was hell on earth, doom 3 is a remake of the first one....have you even played these??

    I have a bad feeling about this. None of the supposed screenshots look anything like a Doom game.

    Why do people insist doom is a good game, there's nothing special about it.

      T'was revolutionary though man.

    Very interested in Doom 4, though, these pics are not Doom 4!

    I would rather have doom 4 like doom 3, the other 3 or so doom games were good, but there's nothing like dark, metal rooms with things poping out everywhere

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