Looks Likes Dark Souls Might Actually Be Coming To The PC

In January, publisher Namco Bandai said that a petition to have cult hit Dark Souls ported to the PC had its "attention". Now, an Australian PC magazine is teasing something a little more substantial.

The newest PC Powerplay mag has hit newsstands, and its back page, teasing next month's issue (pictured above), isn't very subtle. It's got splashed all over it the game's trademark YOU DIED prompt, in the right font and everything.

Given the fact the magazine only hit stands this week, and that Namco are engaged in one of those awful LIKE US FOR NEWS scams over on its Facebook page, the likelihood of this being confirmed later this week actually seems pretty damn high.

Still, it's all 100% unconfirmed at this point, so don't get too excited, OK?

New Dark Souls Announcement Coming? Like a Facebook page to find out. [NeoGAF]


    I'm not sure I'm ready to lose another 200-500 hours of my life...

    wow, real news from plunkett, who woulda thought

      OK that's it. I'm no longer reading comment on this site.

      I dont even care if it's a funny joke site base sub-meme.

      It's amazing. It's actually a reasonable article. Someone must have gotten themselves laid.

    Hot damn. This is good news

    Namco Bandai may have all of my money, including future earnings of any kind for porting this game to PC.

    Played it a few times but don't have a console

    This is the best news I have heard all... Year? Good god im exicted.. And will have to kill you I'd your wrong :3

    nice article luke

    yaaaaaaay! I'm happy.
    I hope they announce DLC as well. My fingers are crossed so hard they're bleeding.

    "Looks likes..."

    Hey maybe the PC version won't slow to a crawl in certain sections of the game.

      Apart from Hellkite dragon have not had any massive frame rate drops and have finished the game three times.

    Yay! I've been holding out buying a console copy of this game in the hope that a PC version would be announced! Thank goodness., this definitely seems like the type of game that could benefit from a powerhouse PC behind it. Day 2 purchase (just enough to read the first reviews to make sure they didn't fubar the port).

    Can't wait to hear pcgamers complaining about console games after it comes out

      How so? It has an uncanny likeness to old PC games, the only way they would get any backlash would be if the control system is absolutely fubar.

    Oh hey, its PCPowerplay <3

      Best games magazine ever. Just sayin'

      *post may or may not be biased* ;)

    If this is true, that's another purchase I'll be making. Oh, my poor wallet, it's been hit hard lately.

    I'm going to have to weigh my want to support this (already have the PS3 version but PC is my preferred platform) and my dire financial situation (reacclimatising to the student life after working full time is tough!)

    Finished it on PS3 and loved it. will by it again if my mate(who doesnt have console) buys it.

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