Lordy, Lordy, Fez Finally Gets A Release Date

Fez, the perspective-shifting platformer and poster-child for independent games development hell, is ready to go and will arrive April 13, says its studio, Polytron. That's Friday the 13th, a fitting irony for something that's been in production for more than four years. The game will be offered over Xbox Live Arcade for 800 Microsoft points, or $US10.


    Why dis no PC?

    Because they're a two man development team. Going multiplat would mean many more months in development using money they don't have. But that being the reason it's safe to assume other platforms will get it once it makes some money like Braid and Limbo before it.

    IGN why u iz lie to me?

    Don't judge a game by its bigoted creator.

      So wait, we're heating the Fez creator now?

      God dammit why can't anything be lollipops and rainbows anymore -__-

        Wasteland 2/Kick it Forward & DoubleFine.

        Now smile :)

        I was referring to the jeevs comment, I though I clicked the right response button.

    This would have been a must buy if it was released 2 years ago and on PC as originally planned in 2008. In 2012 on XBLA! Don't care. Plus we've already played with the rotating perspective in flash games. If it's a great game without that gimmick then I'll take a look but I'm not putting down any money up front.

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