LunchTimeWasters Of The Week

It's time for a mid-week and mid-day dose of browser-based games! Today we've picked three games that we've been spending a lot of time with. Enjoy!

1. Dys4ia by Anna Anthropy

This is a powerful interactive experience that both Mark and I absolutely loved. Dys4ia is an autobiographical game that explores the developer's experience with hormone replacement therapy. It is both fascinating and enlightening and highlights the power of video games to convey strong messages. The music by Liz Ryerson is also fantastic (I've been playing it on loop while I work).

2. Portal: The Flash Version

It's Portal... in 2D! This is a fun little puzzler that tries to capture the spirit of the Actual Portal and does so without causing motion sickness. It's simple and challenging enough for you to tackle on a lunch break.

3. Burrito Bison

Oh man! Look at those jelly bears! Watch that bison go! You have fallen into the world of Gummi Bears and your aim is to bounce on them to travel as far as you can. It's a bit like Canabalt, but instead of avoiding obstacles you have to aim for bounce pads that explode into a mess of Gummi juice when you hit them. Yeeeeeah.


    You might want to link the sequel to Burrito Bison that came out not long ago. Just as much fun as the first.

      What is it, i loved Burrito Bison

        Just go to Spent many a lunch break there.

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