Lupin Makes Anime Cool And Sexy Again

Lupin Makes Anime Cool And Sexy Again

For a long, long time, Japanese anime has been moé. The word actually means “budding”, but it’s actually geek slang for cute things that give otaku warm fuzzy feelings.

Screw warm fuzzy feelings. I’m sick of them! Aside from the momentarily blips of hope on the anime radar, the moé aesthetic has dominated Japanese TV anime for too damn long. Japanese anime used to be really effing cool.

And Lupin, thank goodness, is still truly cool. Check out the debut trailer for the upcoming Lupin the Third anime, which centres on Fujiko Mine. And dear me, does it look rad.

Dubbed Lupin the Third: A Woman Called Fujiko Mine, the anime starts airing next month in Japan.

「ルパン三世」予告映像を公開 [ンたリー]


  • Please proof read your articles, and provide some background info for those of us new to the anime scene…

    • The rooftop scene of that movie is more iconic IMO, I felt like I was up there on the roof with him, I felt altitude sickness despite I was sitting on a couch.

  • Bashcraft bashing is getting old. Obviously, you guys are just jealous that he’s the head editor now & he gets to live in Japan and earns money by reposting news from official websites.

    • Yes we are somewhat jealous that he got to get one of the top jobs despite lacking even a modicum of writing talent or journalistic credibility. Or maybe jealous isn’t the right term. Maybe it’s just utter disbelief at the circumstances. “Head editor” = phoning in a paragraph-long article about animu once every blue moon.

  • Lupin is still everywhere in japan. How is this news? Why dont you tell us which characters are bring used on the menu st Gusto or when the next issue of CROWS os out?

  • Since when did anime stop being so? Sure there are an influx of fan service, but there has been an equal amount of quality series/movies as well. Perhaps you need to research a little more Brian?

  • Ooh, this looks interesting, I somehow didn’t see this one when looking through the charts for the next season, i’ll try to follow along

  • Every Anime I ever TRY to follow ends up pulling some bullshit M. Night twist that ruins the entire narrative of the story. What a wasted medium.

  • I actually agree with Ashcraft on this one.

    *ducks the barrage of thrown objects*

    WAIT WAIT, HERE ME OUT! Yes there have been some good shows the last few years (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and Eden of the East come to mind), but by-and-large there has been a decrease in the quality of the Anime Japan produces, and a lot of it can be attributed to a reliance on moe qualitys and fanservice.

    Just look at Highschool of the Dead: a perfectly good premise (zombie apocalypse anime) with some really powerful scenes consistantly ruined by someone shoving their clevage into the camera. It’s really off-putting and at odds with the tone of the rest of the show.

    Remember stuff like Nadesico? Gasraki? Cyber City Odeo? Excel Saga? Cromartie High? Record of Lodoss War? COWBOY BEBOP??!?! That’s the kind of shows we desperatly need again.

    • I thought I was the only person who remembered Nadesico. . .

      Too bad they screwed up with the movie though.

    • but highschool of the dead is as much about the zombies as it is about the tits. also are you saying a bunch of teenagers together in the zombie apocalypse wouldnt just start fucking.

      • Hey, if the natural story progression leads to a love scene then I’m all for it. Hell, I’m not above the odd sprinkle of fanservice so long as it’s done spareingly. My beef with HOTD is that the fanservice beats you over the head like an inappropriately shapped mallet and detracts from the often excellent zombie apocalypse story unfolding.

        It’s like putting salt on steak. A little sprinkle can enhance the flavor. Pouring it all over the thing just makes the steak inedible.

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