Lupin The Third Is Ready To Steal Your Television

Anime Lupin the Third, one of the greatest things ever, is returning to television with a new series. It's the first new Lupin anime series on TV in 27 years.

Dubbed Lupin the Third: A Woman Called Fujiko Mine, the anime follows the exploits of Fujiko Mine, the anime's iconic female character. This new episodes will centre on her.

Sayo Yamamoto, of Michiko e Hatchin fame, is directing the series. She is the first female in a long line of male directors, such as Hayao Miyazaki, to direct Lupin.

The 13-episode anime kicks off Aprril 4. It looks to be rather sexy.

Lupin the Third [Official Site via Kotaku Japan]


    Seriously Bashcraft, put a NSFW tag on this and change the article thumbnail.

      Agree. Thumbnail is not cool.

        OH NO! A NIPPLE!

          seriously Jordaan and Badger grow up. How is the edge of a nipple nsfw?

          Looking forward to this series though. Koike (Redline) is doing the character designs and over seeing the animation. Michiko e Hatchin was such a stylish underated show so Sayo Yamamoto is the perfect fit for Lupin.

            Well, here's something to try. Get everyone in your workplace over to your desk to see the harmless edge of a woman's breast and her nipple. If you haven't been suspended or let go after it, then we'll concede that in your workplace, it's SFW.

            As much as it seems harmless to some of us, there are workplaces that do frown on this kind of thing, even if you weren't intentionally looking for this kind of content.

              Get off Kotaku and get back to work then your prude.

      Won't somebody please think of the children!
      The human body is a horrible thing they should never see!

        This isn't protecting the children, this is protecting the people browsing Kotaku at work and don't want to explain why there's what looks like porn on the screen during company time with company resources. Which is why the warning is Not Safe For Work.

    Looks cool. I love Castle of Cagliostro.

    Sorry, what was this article about again? Every time I scroll up, I seem to forget.

    So he's putting up actual porn now (though I think he had before as well). Make a separate NSFW section.

      Yes.. porn. That's EXACTLY what it is...

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