Skyrim's Most Beloved Glitch Brought To Life

It's bad enough when one of Skyrim's giants sends your character flying high into the air, doomed to a fate as the centrepiece for a fresh new crater. When it happens to Skyrim's most famous AI companion — actually that's quite all right.

Adobe After Effects master and creator of the messiest Falcon Punch ever, Wren the Reaper turns his post-processing talents to bringing the award-winning role-playing epic to life. This is a love story between a hero and his stalwart sidekick; a tale of true love conquering all — even Bethesda programmers.

Lydia NO! - A real life Skyrim Adventure [YouTube]


    Haha, that was lovely. The guy has a good speaking voice which is not common in these kinds of videos! His running with hands outstretched is hilarious (one of my favorite to hate things about FPS games).

    Lydia NOOOOOOOO!

    hahahah, I found the thump Lydia made when she landed especially hilarious

    I would say he was uesing this awsome mod that, in no way, did I make..... ^.^

    Why do people keep saying this was a bad glitch? Todd Howard said if there were any glitches that didn't break gameplay and were fantastic they would leave them in, I believe this is one of those intentionally left in glitches.

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